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Me and my friend, we're good friends. We don't talk to each other that often though.She had her baby on Sept 30, I had mine on Oct 4 of the same year. In my dream, I saw that this girl wrote R.I.P and put the baby's name. I got scared and in my mind I was thinking "Oh my gosh, what (baby's name) is she talking about?" Then I was walking down the street and saw the words "R.I.P (baby's name) wrote in chalk all over the sidewalk. Then my friend came by me, her hair was different than how it is in real life, she wasn't crying but she looked so torn, so depressed, she wasn't even fully dressed. Just in pajamas. I asked her what happened and she started walking away. Me and a random girl asked again and she turned towards us and said "He had something in his throat when they took him out the bath and his feet were..." She started crying really hard after that so I could barely make out what she was saying but I believe she said something about his feet were purple or cold..something like that. It broke my heart, I started crying, I felt so bad for her and what she was going through. What does this mean? Is her baby really going to die? Please help.

Hello Ms Starr,

I can see why you are so upset by this dream.  Obviously I can't see into the future and say for sure what a dream means.  However, dreams about death are almost always symbolic in nature and I can see straight away how this symbolism fits in to your waking life so I don't think you need to worry about this dream foretelling some literal future.  However, it still has an important message for you.

In the waking world, a death is the end of a life.  So in dreams, a death can represent an ending of sorts also.  Often times, it can represent the end of a relationship or a change in a relationship but it could be any kind of ending.  Eg, it could represent the end of some phase in your life or if you quit your job or something like that.  Are your babies that where in your dream your first born babies?  If so, then the dream could represent your life before kids coming to an end.  Also, you said you don't see your friend very much and I'm guessing that is because you are both busy with your families.  So as part of becoming a Mum, the dream might also represent the end of that close friendship you used to have with her before you both had babies.  Not that you aren't friends anymore, but that your friendship has changed.

Babies in dreams often represent something new in your life and the age of the baby will represent when that new thing began.  Eg, the baby in your dream will represent something which began when that baby was born.  Interestingly, the baby dream character also died in your dream so he/she represents both a beginning and an ending.  A beginning in that you are both beginning a new family and a new life, and an ending in that it has meant that your old life before kids or without that close relationship with your friend has ended or changed.

When you asked about what happened with the baby, it was something stuck in her throat.  So to me, the ending represented by the baby is caused by a lack of communication.  (Because having something stuck in your throat would mean you couldn't talk.)  The cold feet part too can represent being apprehensive or having second thoughts about a decision you've made.  

Sometimes, the people in our dreams represent some aspect of ourselves.  So your friend in your dream, might actually represent a part of yourself.  Particularly since you both had babies at the same time, she might represent that "being a Mum to a baby" part of yourself.  You said that in your dream your friend was "so torn, so depressed, not even fully dressed, just in pyjamas".  Are there any similarities there with your own life or your own feelings?  You also said you felt really bad for your friend and what she was going through.  So look at your own life.  Are you "going through" a hard time at the moment?  Starting a family is a massive change in your life, one which is often coupled with a lack of sleep.  So these changes can really take their toll on your physical and mental wellbeing.  Being in pyjamas all day kind of represents that not really being fully awake or feeling half asleep all the time.  Perhaps you are the one feeling pretty exhausted and depressed at the moment?  

If so, then it might be time to talk to someone and get some help.  Eg, communicating your feelings and your needs to others will really help (as in the dream, it was something stuck in the baby's throat which caused the problem.)  You don't have to do it alone. Also, try to make things easier if you can.  Are there any changes you can make to help this?  For example, by putting your own wellbeing and sleep in front of getting the chores done.  Having a family can be really hard at the start, butit does get easier as time goes on and your babies become more able to do things for themselves.  don't worry too much now if you have been wondering whether being a Mum was such a good idea (Eg the baby's cold feet).  everyone has second thoughts now and then, but just look to the future now and know that things do get easier.

Finally, I think it would be a really good idea to call your friend and meet up with her.  If you can, see if you can get out of the house and meet somewhere at a set time each week.  This will give you something to look forward to, and talking with friends can really help you feel human.

well those where my thoughts on your dream.  I hope I wasn't too far off the track.  Let me know what you think and feel free to ask more questions if you need to.

Take care of yourself.  

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