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Dream Interpretation/injection dream. wondering the meaning.


I am 22 years old, had a dream last night. Not all that odd for some of the dreams I have. Anyways, I had a dream I was with a girl that I was going to ask out in real life today. She pulled me close and pulled out a syringe and said time to relax. I fought it but eventually gave in. She injected me in the soft spot on my elbow joint where blood is usually taken. As soon as she depressed the needle I felt the fluid hit to roof of my mouth. I spit it out. She then injected me once more in the wrist. I remember feeling completely relaxed as the drug( whatever it was) kicked in. She held me and I fell asleep.
I have a history of recreational drug use and do not want to start again. I was wondering if this is my subconscious warning me, or if it is guiding me.  If maybe those things have a double meaning or if I should read it as is?

Hey there,

I guess this dream isn't terribly positive so obviously there is something which makes you feel a bit uneasy when it comes to dating this girl.  Could she possibly be a bad influence on you do you think?  Is she or was she into drugs at all?  If so, then it might be about this - and perhaps a bit of a warning even..

Sometimes though, the people in our dreams represent some aspect of our own lives so it might not specifically be about her.  For instance, in the dream, it was clear that the main issue for you was the loss of control and not being able to "fight it" and giving in to total relaxation and sleep.  Relaxation is a state of rest (as is sleep) where you are not alert and not on the ball to what is going on around you and therefore, not in control. The way you were put to sleep in your dream shows that you were rendered totally helpless and at the mercy of the forces around you.  

On the face of it, I guess this has obvious echos with your past and your past drug use which you don't want to go back to.  It seems that at the back of your mind you are still worried that you won't be able to say no and that you could possibly give in to drugs again and that if that happens, perhaps you are worried that your drug use will again get out of control.  So this might be something you need to work on?  

Interestingly, this girl was the one injecting you, so for some reason, your dreamself is associating this girl with the drug use from your past.  There may be several reasons for this.  Firstly, as stated above, if she herself is or was into drug use, then this would be an obvious reason (and warning sign).  On the otherhand, perhaps you associate having a relationahip with a girl with a sense of a loss of control???  Maybe your dream self has made an observation, that the underlying issue with you is "losing controll" of a situation, whether that be drug use, or relationships or something else?  Have you been in a bad relationship before where your partner was overly controling of you and you had difficultly asserting yourself in the relationship and ended up just giving in time and time again?  If so, then this might also be why this dream happened.

Well those are the things that came to mind for me with your dream.  If any of these explanations resonate for you, it might be worth just reflecting on it for a while before jumping in and asking this girl out???  Obviously you don't have to put your entire life on hold forever because of things you have been through, but it is something to be aware of and work on.

Let me know what you think and feel free to ask further questions if you want to.

Take care and good luck with it all, whatever you decide to do...

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