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I dreamed of finding pretty fish pink and blue angel fish and one gold fish and one fish with big lips and sharp teeth just lying on the wet ground. I was amazed and I wanted to save them so I found a tin can and filled it with a little water the pink fish started to come around but the gold fish seemed to be looking at me almost pleading. I added more water to a bigger container and the pink fish became active. while I was watching it an octopus tapped me on the shoulder from behind I remembered a feeling of wonderment of even wow.Someone in my dream ask if I was going to keep the octopus i said yes. Then I remember all the fish being in a tank water clear but had a river bed floor. The fish were gold fish size but they should be large fish. I just remembered a feeling of awe

Hey Jennifer,

Fish and water in dreams often refer to our emotions and sometimes our spiritual side.  Given that some of the fish were angel fish, then, this might have something to do with the devine or your spiritual side.

In your dream, the fish were lying on the sand and you wanted to try to save them.  This might symbolise that perhaps in the past, you have neglected or disregarded your spiritual or emotional side, but that you have rediscovered this side of you and you really want to save it and nurture it.  I really like how you feel wonder and awe in your dream!!!  Is there something in your life where you feel such emotions?  If so, then this is sure to be what the dream is about.

The colours of the fish are going to represent something also.  Pink and blue are likely to represent your feminine and masculine side.  Feminine side being the nurturing, emotional/sensory, creative side, while the masculine being the logical, protective, practical side (I guess).  Interestingly, you saved the pink ones but not the blue ones?  Is that the case?  The gold colour of the gold fish might represent wealth and financial security.  As this fish was looking up pleading with you, perhaps this is an area of your life which needs your attention?  What happened to this fish in the end?  Did it survive?  Also, the fish with big teeth and lips - I am not exactly sure what it represents - but it might represent some kind of communication issue which is of an aggressive nature perhaps?  Or a power struggle of sorts?  What happened to this fish also?  Was it saved?

The octopus is a very interesting creature with a wide symbolic meaning.  Firstly it is an intelligent creature with highly developed senses.  In addition to excellent eyesight, its eight tenticles enable it to sense its surroundings with ease.  The octopus is incredibly flexible and is able to squeeze through small spaces.  It is also a master of illusion and camoflauge and can confuse and distract its predators with a puff of black ink. In summary, the octopus can represent those qualities within yourself, of highly developed senses, flexibility (in that you have an open mind about the world and are ready to explore or discover whatever comes to you) intelligence (especially of an emotional kind).  Also, its camoflauge disguise might be saying that there are many aspects of yourself that remain hidden.  In addition to all this, the octopus is able to drop a limb and grow it back.  So this points to regeneration and your ability to shed aspects of yourself which you no longer need or are no longer helpful, and reinvent yourself.  (For example, perhaps the fish you didn't save represent those aspects of yourself which you no longer need?)

The fact that you wanted to keep the octopus is saying that you really want to develop these qualities more within yourself. The awe and wonderment you felt in the dream really points to a voyage of self discovery.  Perhaps you have been exploring your inner mind or investigating your subconscious or your own personal spirituality or something along those lines???

The end part of the dream, where the fish were in a fish tank which had a river bed bottom, I believe this is saying that you are currently keeping this new knowledge and abilities contained, but that perhaps they should be more like a free flowing river which is fully integrated with your path in life.  The fact that the fish were small but should have been larger is saying that these abilities are underdeveloped and there is some way to go before you fully understand your own sensory perceptive intuitive side.

All in all a very interesting dream.  I think the dream is encouraging you to learn more about what is intriguing you at the moment and that what you have learned so far is just the tip of the iceburg.  There is so much more to it!  

Well I hope this was helpful, please let me know what you think and feel free to ask for further clarification if you feel the need.  I think it a great dream!!!

Take it easy.

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