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QUESTION: It's a bit long, but... I'm worried!

Background: I am currently married with children. I have a history of precognitive dreams, but I have only recently started working on listening to my dreams, interpreting them, and taking more notice of my life. Once I started, they kicked into high gear. The following are from a sequence of dreams. I dream of the same man in all of them.

Lately, I have been dreaming about my wedding... to someone else. My bridesmaid colors are red and green. We're married on a Sunday. My sister, who I have not spoken to in years (her choice) is there, as is my only true best friend. I couldn't see who the other bridesmaids were, but I knew I didn't know them. I didn't see any of my other family members. I felt so confused by what I was seeing, that I looked around for verification and found a mirror. I have never EVER thought of myself as beautiful, but here... I was incredible. I had highlights in my hair (I've never done) and wore a veil behind me (which I've never understood the point of). I looked slightly older than I do now; definitely less than 10 years from now. I introduced my best friend to my husband-to-be, and he is sitting on a swing, but not using it. I can recall his holding me, and I actually felt it. I could feel his warmth, his strength, and practically smell him. I can actually feel happy, safe, and... satisfied with life. I could die happy right there. When I dream of his kisses, they're so gentle and perfect, nothing suggesting sex, just adoration. We chat over Facebook (I couldn't tell about what, but he messaged me first), and I used a swear, which I don't usually do (I recall saying something about someone "protecting his ass," and then being concerned that he might think poorly of me for swearing.) His sister gets married, and I am on his arm (not sure if I'm a bridesmaid or he's just escorting me down the aisle? This definitely takes place before we're married). Our first kiss, he kissed me gently on the nose first. We're in a church that I just started attending. Most people are in the service; there's just a security guard and a few volunteers, waiting for them to get out. We're supposed to be in the service but... I think he was comforting me and it turned into a kiss.

So, yes... precognitive? What happened to my current husband? if not precog, why in the world would I repeatedly dream about a whole relationship with someone else, including dreaming a sister? Thank you so much in advance! I have been looking all over the internet for a way to tell if it's precog or not.

ANSWER: Hello Ms Angel!!!  Unfortunately, I too am unable to tell you whether this dream is precognitive. I know that these dreams do happen but I haven't really been able to find a way to tell.  Some people say that they just "feel" different?  Not terribly helpful though.

However, upon reading your dream, I had a strong feeling that it was to do with your own spirituality and Christian beliefs, and then at the end, you said you had recently started attending a church.  So I really think it is about your new found committment to this new church.  

For example, your bridesmaids were wearing green and red, which are Christmas colours, and your wedding was on a Sunday (which is usually the day most people go to church and is supposed to be the day of rest.). Weddings in dreams often represent committment.  Given that you were extremely happy and felt so much warmth and love and looked so beautiful when you looked in the mirror, I would say that this church is really a very positive thing in your life right now.  It is interesting that your husband to be was on a swing but wasn't using it. This might suggest that your beliefs have been swinging from one thing to the next or that you were trying to make a decision and couldn't decide, however, as the swing was still, you might now be more sure of what you want to do.  

Your real life husband might not be in your dream because maybe you are just gojng to the church and not him?  I am not sure.  I am now very curious as to what your dream husband to be looked like.   Is he someone you know in real life?  Does he remind you of someone?  Or look like someone you know?  Did he have a name?  All these things can give a clue as to the meaning of the dream.  

I am also interested in why the bouncer was there.  Is this a normal thing for churches in your area???  What was he there for?  Was he keeping people in?  Or keeping people out?  Anything like that?  If it is not normal for churches to have bouncers, then this is quite interesting and might require a bit of detective work to figure out what he's about.

I thought I would just send you a quick interpretation now and add some extra thoughts later.  If you have any extra information about this mystery husband or about the bouncer, that would really help.  Any other comments or questions you have would also be most welcome.

In the meantime, take care....

(PS. I think every woman needs a dream husband like yours!!! Lol!)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Your answer makes so much sense! I have been apart from church for a very long time, and it feels so good to be back in one! I *have* been happier, too. Also, you are spot on -- my husband doesn't go with me. He works overnights and is asleep at that time.

The bouncer/security officer is there because... well, it's in downtown, and it's a large-ish church. Each campus is small, but there are now seven of them, including one in a different country halfway across the world! I suppose he is there for security, but I will look into it Sunday.

So, the dream husband... the very very very first time I dreamed about him was 12 years ago; I didn't know him, but I dreamed of meeting him. The meeting happened exactly as I had dreamed it. He looks like Adam Levine from Maroon 5. His real name is Tom. I know him from church, but we don't talk or hang out or anything. I don't even see him regularly; maybe twice in six months? And before that, not for 8 years? I suppose a reason it weirds me out is when I started dreaming of him, I saw him again after all this time. There was the startled moment, hug, how are yous, take cares, move on with our day, but the dreams continued and progress along a timeline. The church comparison makes so much sense, though!

Update on the sister! She is dating someone for the first time in years. Her mother said she's actually serious about this one. Maybe my dream of her wedding is real? Note: I've only ever seen her once, not even actually met her. Dreaming of her was baffling. Again, thank you SO much for your time! I really feel more peaceful about things.

Ah!  So you know this man in real life, and you have dreamt of him quite a few times before!  (Sorry I didn't quite get that with your first post.).  And you had dreamt of him BEFORE you met in person!  My I suggest a book for you to read?  It is called "an experiment with time" by JW Dunne.  It was written in the 1920s I think.  It was written by a man who also experienced many precognitive dreams, and he came up with a theory about how this could happen.  He believed that time was not linear and that all of us could see past present and future all at once and that this occured most easily in the dream state of mind.  He did many experiments with people to prove that everybody had precognitive dreams and at there was a logical explanation for it.  Anyway, it is an interesting read and is certainly food for thought!

Often, the people that appear in our dreams represent some aspect of ourselves.  To figure out what your Tom dream character represents for you, ask yourself, how would you describe him in three words?  (Eg what springs to mind when you think of him?). How is he different from you?  How is he similar to you?  What do you admire about him?  (Or not admire about him as the case may be?). You said you met him at church.  Is this the same church that you go to now, or a different church that you were at previously?  If he first appeared in your dreams or met him 12 years ago, he might in fact represent that time in your life.  So if this was the case, think back to what was going on in your life 12 years ago.    

Say for example, (and this is just an example and might not be accurate for you) that 12 years ago was the first time you really began to know God and really felt apart of a church congregation, and just say that Tom and his family were very loving toward each other, or very close and seemed to have that ideal relationship with God, then perhaps Tom represents that relationship you have with God.  Dreaming of marrying him then, would perhaps represent your committment to God.  

The security guard, since your church actually has one, is probably there to keep parishioners safe.  So in your dream, the security guard might represent feeling safe and secure, or your need to feel safe and secure.  It is interesting in the dream that you were swearing about someone doing something to "protect his ass".  Also, Tom was comforting you about something.  So there is a bit of a theme there about security and protection.  If there is any aspect of your life where you feel vulnerable or unsafe in anyway, then this might have something to do with the dream also.  Especially if for some reason, you think that putting your own safety/comfort first would be selfish or something like that.  (Eg, when you were swearing about some person only doing something to protect themselves, it was like protecting oneself would be thinking of yourself and not thinking of others.  As if protecting himself was dumping someone else in it.  Your phrase "protecting his ass" might also refer to covering up some past action or experience that you are not particularly proud of or perhaps some past experiences that you would rather keep hidden or not think about.

It is interesting that your sister was in the dream too.  Somehow she must fit in to this issue of spirituality and perhaps security??  I'm not exactly sure.  Often what happens is that your dreamself makes connections between your present life, and similar things that have happened in you life, or things that are along the same lines.  Opposite issues are often linked up too to highlight some need for balance in that aspect of your life.  So ask yourself the same questions above about your sister.  Perhaps she represents the opposite of something?  Obviously, as you are not talking at the moment (due to her choice) there must have been some kind of conflict.  So she might represent some conflict in your life at the moment.  Your sister and best friend might represent opposites somehow, between caring, and not caring perhaps?  Just a few things to think about.

I am glad that the symbolic meaning of this dream has fitted in for you (so far) and glad it has helped reassure you.  I guess none of us really know what the future holds.  We all have some kind of choice though and often our dreams are there to help us make those decisions.

I hope this was helpful again, and I am very sorry for taking so long to respond.  Thank you so much for your very detailed response.  It is very much appreciated!  

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