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QUESTION: I do not remember very well what happened before the images appeared, but what I do remember is that, in my dream, suddenly I saw a reptile. At first I thought it was a simple lizard, but then I realized it was in fact a salamander (this I realized after waking up, because I looked for the image on the Internet, but during the dream I thought that what I was seeing was a lizard. There wasn't any pictures exactly the same as what I saw in the dream on the net, but I'll try to be specific...) The salamander had all of her body with different colors and spots, specially red, white and black. I also realized it had a red vesicle (like an infected pimple, but with no pus, just red) on its neck. I also remember I first got scared of the salamander, but then I started chasing it all around the room (I think I was in a bedroom in the dream. After that, I don't remember anything else. I don't remember if it was possible for me to catch it or even to kill it. What do you think it means?

ANSWER: Hello Alexandra,

How interesring!  You know, a salamander isn't a reptile at all?  It is an amphibian.  I'm not exactly sure if this is significant for your dream, because you didn't realise this in the dream, but when you woke up.  And I'm not sure if you realised it was an amphibian and not a reptile at all?  I think it will be quite telling though, so this is how I will proceed with the interpretation.

If you were in a bedroom at the time, then this dream might be about some intimate aspect of your life.  Eg perhaps your strong feelings or emotions you have either within yourself or for another person or a combination of both.  And because the dream was set in a bedroom, I am assuming that this salamander/lizard is symbolising something about you.  The salamander is you in some symbolic way.

In the dream, you were trying the chase the salamander all around the room, and you weren't sure if it was possible to catch it or kill it.  Do you remember what you were trying to do though?  Were you trying to catch the salamander to kill it?  Or were you chasing it away?  Or did you want to keep it as a pet or something? Your intentions here will make a big difference to the true meaning of the dream.  For example, if you were chasing the salamander to get it out of your room, then it might represent that you want to rid your life of something that this salamander represents.  Similarly, if you wanted to kill it, then again, you might want that aspect (of which the salamander represents) of your life to end.  If on the otherhand, if you wanted to catch and keep the salamander, then it miight be saying the opposite, that you do in fact want whatever the salamander represents to be a part of your life.  But since you could not catch the salamander in your dream, it will mean that whatever this salamander represents to you, has been difficult to control and/or understand in some way or another.

So if there is some aspect of yourself or your life that you have been having trouble getting under control, then this is likely to be what te dream is all about.

Because you first thought that the creature was a lizard and a reptile, and then realised (albeit after you woke up) that the creature was a salamander and an amphibian, then this might be saying that there is something going on in your life that you aren't quite understanding. Perhaps you feel that the solution to a problem you are going through right now is one thing, but in fact you haven't quite understood the nature of the problem in the first place and so you might need to stop for a while and think about it?  You need to contemplate the problem a bit more before jumping to the solution.  

For example, a reptile is a cold blooded animal which dwells largely on land.  It requires heat from the sun to warm its body enough to operate.  Given this, it might represent cold feelings or emotions.  A reptile might represent something/someone which needs to gain energy from others rather than finding that energy within (because in real life it needs energy from the sun).  A reptile is also considered a primative creature (the reptilian part of the human brain is considered the base survival instincts of hunger, thirst and sexual instinct necesary for survival) so it can represent instinctual and reactionary emotions rather than more complex feelings.  A reptile can only breathe air and cannot breathe water.

An amphobian such as the salamander, on the other hand, can breathe both air and water.  This is an important distinction in the dream world, because anything to do with water usually has something to do with your emotions.  This links in well to the fact that it took place in a bedroom, which would represent your own very intimate and personal self.  An amphibian, then, might represent something which is very comfortable with feelings and emotions both complex or otherwise (because it can breathe water).  Also, while a salamander is also cold-blooded, just like a reptile, it actually prefers cooler temperatures and does not need the outside energy of the sun to keep warm at all.  So by contrast with a reptile, the salamander, symbolically, might appear to be cold hearted and need to feed off the warmth of others, but in fact is quite comfortable and at home with perhaps less intense emotions but at the same time, has an understanding of a wide range of emotions felt by themself and others none-the-less.  

And  due to the fact that a salamander can breathe both air and water, this makes it symbolic of adaptabiltiy.  In a practical way, this might symbolise someone (perhaps you) who can understand where others are comig from regardless of whether they are an emotional or rational type thinker.  On the other hand, though, salamanders, like frogs, are very sensitive to the health of their environment and can quickly become sick if say the water they live in is poluted.  So metaphorically, this might symbolise that you can be badly affected by the emotional wellbeing of the people around you.

So maybe it isn't so much that you need or feed off or bask in the energy from others (like the lizard needs the sun) but more that you are emotionally affected by the feelings and emotions of those around you???  Just a thought and something to contrmplate perhaps???

It is interesting that the salamander in your dream was black, white and red.  Black and white can represent a kind of inflexible mind set.  Eg, things are either black,,, or white,,,  no shade of grey.  Red, on the other hand, is often associated with emotions, whether it be passion or anger or a sense of danger or whatever.  So the red is kind o bringing in a new dimention of thinking,  Things are not just logical black and white.  There is always the emotional side of an issue as well (if that makes sense???)

It is also interesting that you were first afraid of the lizard/salamander.  I think this symbolises some emotional state within yourself that at first you were fearful of or that you wanted to avoid facing up to.  When in the dream, you then decided to chase it all around, without catching it, I think that this means that you have been trying to control some emotional side of yourself, but without much sucess.  My gut feeling is that you (or perhaps those around you???) have simplified your situation or your emotions or whatever the case may be,, too much.  You are much more complex than the rational cold-blooded lizard.  Yes you are rational and logical, but you have an emotional dimention as well.  Perhaps this emotional side is something you need to explore more before you catch it (and do whatever you intended to do with that salamander in your dream?). Yet another interesting part of your dream is that you refered to this salamander as being female.  So perhaps it is your femininity that you need to pay attention to, give more respect to, and get to know more?

Not sure if any of this made sense for you.  I never quite know if my interpretation has hit the mark or not.  If it didn't seem to ring true for you at all, let me know because i am sure we can figure out what this dream means.  I would really appreciate your feedback too because I found this a really interesting dream to interpret (given that you only became aware that the creature was a salamander when you woke up.). It would be interesring to see how or whether at all, this fits in.

In the meantime, take care of yourself!!!!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: After this Salamander dream, the next day I dreamt I was inside a big building. Suddenly, I saw myself running and trying to escape, but I don't remember if something or someone was chasing me. I think it was more like an internal urge or impulse I had. What I do remember is that I desperately wanted to find the way out. I was opening one door after another. I opened several doors, and I finally reached the way out... I felt relieved! Weird huh?


Hey Alexandra!  thanks for your rating and feedback.  I want to address some of the issues you brought up in your feedback - specifically about what the dream dictionaries say.  This is going to take a bit of time though so I will just comment on your latest dream first.

Often, dreams about houses, and sometimes about buildings too, are to do with yourself.  The symbolism there is that your body is something that you are inside of, much being inside a building or a house.   Do you remember what kind of building it was?  Anything about what would happen in the building?  Was it an appartment?  A workplace?  

Trying to get out of the building in the way that you did, really seems to be showing that you are trying to perhaps break away from some mould or stereotype you find youself in.  Its not like you were running away from something in your dream, so it doesn't seem to be about avoiding something from your past or trying to get out of a certain situation.  Although since you couldn't remember exactly this part, it is best not to rule out these possibilities just yet

Doors in dreams can often represent opportunities or options.  in your dream, you kept opening doors and still not finding the way out.  So this might be like trying to express yourself or trying to get where you want to be in life and not being recognised or not finding success in what you are trying to do.  Maybe you feel like you are being kept in a metaphorical box with specific boundaries and not being able to break out of that.  Perhaps you are going through some changes but you are still being treated as if you are the old you?  Or maybe you are being treated in a way that just isn't you at all and you are finding it difficult to get people, (or a specific person) to understand who you really are???  Something like that.  If there is something going on in your life right now that is frustrating you (or was frustrating you in your recent past), then this is sure to be what the dream is about.  Does any of that ring true for you?

The great thing about this dream is that you do finally get out of the building and you are really relieved.  This means that if you keep trying, keep plugging away at whatever it is you are trying to achieve or get across to people, or whatever it is that is frustrating you, then you will eventually suceed.  It is just a matter of time.  

Does any of this ring true for you in your life?  if not, let me know because it should be possible to figure this one out.  

Just a quick word on dream dictionaries, these are great for inspiration when trying to figure out a dream, but remember that every dreamer is unique and the context in which a dream symbol appears is also very important and this is something that a dream dictionary cannot help with.  This is why I try to explain my thinking behind my interpretations so that you can see where I'm coming from and so you can see how the symbolism in your dream might fit metaphorically with your life,

I will write back soon and address the individual dream dictionary meanings that you raised.  I want to have a look at the source and see what they have said about the salamander / lizard symbolism.  

In the meantime, take it easy!!!

(PS: yes I did foret to mention the pimple!!!  I think this probably represents some irritation in your life.  Something which is bothering you somewhat but perhaps it is not a major thing.  When I was doing my research on the salamander, I found that some have this gland on their necks! I will look back and find this research as it could be important.  Although you weren't aware it was a salamander in your dream and you didn't realise it was an amphibian, sometimes we are subconsciously aware of these things and so I still think the meaning of the salamander is relevant to your life in some way.  I have to add here that I totally disagree with that dream dictionary meaning that says salamanders and lizards have the same meaning.  These creatures might look the same, but they are totally different animals and not related in anyway!  This is interesting isn't it?  And something for you to ponder.  Something that looks the same as something else, but is totally different.  Does that have something to do with breaking out of the building?  Breaking out of some stereotypical mould???  Have a think about it anyway.)


Regarding your feedback comment here:
www.dreamforth.com: "To dream about a salamander indicates that you have the potential to overcome personal obstacles and challenges such as humiliation, mortification, and bad luck". This might be indicating that I need to trust my intuition a bit more, trust myself, because I have the inner strenght to overcome challenges in life .....

I'm not exactly sure where the dreamforth explanation is coming from, but it could be about the adaptability of the salamander in that it can breathe air and water and therefore, can overcome the obstacles of land and water so I think it makes sense.  Also, I really agree with your comment that you need to trust your instincts and that you do have the ability to overcome challenges in life!!!  That was really clear in your dream about getting out of the building.  You kept trying and trying and eventually you found a way out!!  So yes, you definitely have the ability to overcome challenges!

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