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QUESTION: "One and a half years ago,i and my cousin have joined together with  nikah(Half Marriage),but i have not departed yet.Before nikah i saw a dream that my fiance's mother gave me an ugly ring neither gold nor diamond.i was looking in dream that i didn't put that ring on my any finger.Then after six months of nikah,i saw another dream that my another cousin(uncle'son) gave me a shiny diamond ring,which i first try  on middle finger,   then  i put that ring on my ring finger.i was so scared in dream to show it to anybody." Then recently my brother dreamt that that uncle, another cousin(giver of diamond ring)'s father gave my mother two diamond rings.which she accepted and put on her fingers and she was happy in dream.what will be the meaning of these dreams.plz.. interpret these dreams soon..


I am very happy to interpret your dreams.  Sometimes dreams will reflect your true feelings about a subject.  I get the feeling that you believe that your dreams foretell the future in some way.  This may well be the case, however, I am not terribly good at determining whether dreams are prophetic or not!  Lol!  So I will interpret the dreams as if they are symbolic in nature and are a reflection of your own thoughts and feelings (and those of your brother.)

The rings in the dream are going to represent committment because a ring is given to someone you are committed to in marriage or engagement or friendship In your first dream, your mother-jn-law gave you an ugly ring, which you didn't want to put on.  It is clear then, that you were never committed to your current husband even before Nikah and you don't feel the arrangement has any value (eg, the ring was not gold or diamond).  It sounds as if you never wanted to go through with the marriage.  Perhaps the Nikah was done without your agreement?  As the dream was before the wedding, are you still feeling unhappy with the relationship?

In your next dream, another cousin gave you a beautiful ring which fitted perfectly on your ring finger - but was too tight on your middle finger.  Also, you were really afraid to show anyone.  My guess is that you have strong feelings for this other cousin, but you are too afraid to voice your feelings to anyone. It is difficult to say whether the dream means that your cousin has feelings for you, because it was your dream, and not your cousins.  When you tried to put the ring on your middle finger, it might be saying that you tried to just be friends with the cousin.  However, it was just too difficult and you've realised that you have stronger feelings for him (because the ring fitted perfectly on the ri g finger).   (I'm not exactly sure on this as I'm not that sure whether the middle finger has any special significance in yor culture.  However, where I come from, a person might put a ring on their middle finger to show that they are friends with the giver, but are not committed to them.  A ring would only be placed on the ring finger if a person was engaged or married.). Either way, It seems that this other cousin might be a better match for you than your current husband.

Now with your brother's dream, was the cousin in that dream, the same cousin as the one that gave you the ring in your second dream?  If so, then your brother might have picked up on the chemistry between you both.  Also, if it is the same cousin, then it seems that your brother would approve of that union.  

However, the thing I am confused about is that the uncle gave your mother TWO rings.  I wonder why there were two rings?  Do you have a sister?  Does the cousin have a brother?  Or maybe the cousin has a sister that your brother fancies?  Or maybe you have two children of your own and that has something to do with it?  Maybe you could enlighten me a bit here?

If any of the interpretation  rings true for you, eg, if it is true that you are not happy with your marriage, and if it is true that you have feelings for your other cousin, then it might be time to take steps toward what your heart desires.  How you go about doing this is not something I can advise you on because I don't know a lot about social dos and don'ts in Pakistan.  But would it be appropriate to enlist your brother to make a few subtle enquiries for you with the appropriate people?  I imagine it would be quite a delicate situation so be careful!  From what I have researched, it is ok to end the Nikah arrangement, but I guess there are still family relationahips to consider.  It would still be difficult I imagine.  Perhaps if there was an appropriate amount of time in between breaking off the Nikah, and beginning a new relationship, that might help to soften the blow.  I think you've got to do something though. You don't want to stay in an unhappy marriage, especially if you don't have to.  Perhaps you need to treat the two things separately.  Eg. If you are unhappily married, then you need to get out of that first, and have faith that things will work out one way or another after that.  Not an easy situation.  

I would like to stress again that it is not possible for me to determine whether the dream foretells the future, so you need to take your action, not based on your dream alone, but on your own gut feelings and instincts.  While it might not foretell the future, hopefully the dream has made your feelings a little clearer to you and perhaps this will help you to know what you need to do next.

In the meantime, feel free to send me any follow-up questions you might have.

Take care.

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QUESTION: wow excellant,you are such a lovely and brilliant,having a good ability of are right,i don't like my current husband,due to some his badimages.because i have never seen any positive or good dream about him.and yes that uncle(giver of two diamond rings to my mother) is a father of that cousin,who gave me a shiny diamond ring.and yes this cousin has a sister.i don't think that my brother has any feeling for her,but i definetely feel she has a little bit feeling like what would you say??

ANSWER: Well thank you for your very kind words!  

Hmmm!  Well maybe the two rings in your brother's dream DO have something to do with your uncle's son and daughter then!  That is interesting that he has a daughter who has feelings for your brother.  if your brother had a dream like this, then maybe he's been thinking that it would be good to have a union with this family?  Alternatively, the dream might show how committed your family is to your uncle's family.  It sounds like there is a strong and happy bond between your family and his.

i am sorry to hear though, that your current marriage is not a happy one.  As something separate from the second and third dreams you described, it mght be time to think about doing something about this arrangement.  

i hope things work out for you - take care of yourself.

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QUESTION: Recently my this cousin got engaged.I before had have a dream in reference to his engagement,i was feeling in that dream that i was saying that his engagement would break.Then after few months of this dream,i saw that dream
that he gave me a shiny beautiful(diamond) ring,which i was transferring from
my (left)middle finger to (left)ring finger.then recently my brother had have  a dream that his father(my uncle) gave my mother two diamond what is your opinion now,what are interpretation of these dreams.I nothing can do,i
just pray for better.i leave it to God,i have a firmly trust on God that one day He own will do better.pray for me you what is your further comments or opinions.

Hey there Sty,

I do believe in prophetic dreams, it's just that it is really difficult to determine which dreams are prophetic, and which dreams aren't.  More often than not, dreams can reflect the way we are feeling, rather than showing us what will happen in the future.  In your case, your dreams show that you are unhappy in your current marriage, and you wish desperately for a better life, and a better marriage, and you see that a marriage with your other cousin would be better.  That dream might have been a kind of "wish fulfillment" dream.

Another way of interpreting dreams with people in them is to see the people as representing certain personality qualities or approaches to life.  For example, ask yourself how you would describe your other cousin?  How does he approach life?  Now ask yourself whether these are some qualities that you need within yourself?  Also, is there anything about his approach to life, that would help you in your current dilemma.  For example, if he found himself in your shoes, how do you think he would react?  How would he go about solving your problems?  The ring on your finger might represent your desire and need to reconcile and incorporate some of your cousin's qualities within yourself.  If you acted in a way that your cousin would, do you think this could improve your situation in the long term?

When I was researching for your dream, I wanted to find out more about the Nikah half marriage, and I noticed that you had posted your dream on many different sites.  Many of the answers given were quite similar, so it makes me wonder whether there is some answer you are looking for, that you are just not getting?  One thing about dreams is that they can be triggered by the things that have happened the day or so before the dream.  After time, you might forget what headspace you were in at the time of the dream, and therefore, when someone offers an interpretation, it can be difficult to make a link between the dream, and the patterns that are occuring in your life at the time of the dream.  The thing that a dreamer needs to look out for when they seek an interpretation is that "ahha!" moment.  That sudden understanding of what is going on and why things are happening in your life.  It might be difficult to get that understanding after an amount of time has passed.

Praying to God and trusting in him is a really good way to get through your current difficulties.  Don't think, though, that there is nothing you can do.  I don't know a lot about your particular faith so I can only give you my perspective of God as a Christian.  In my mind (and In that of most Christians) God gave us free will - as explained in the Genisis story of Adam and Eve.  Therefore, he allows us to make our own decisions and most importantly, He DOES NOT INTERVENE DIRECTLY in our lives.  Therefore, if we want something better in our lives, we need to help ourselves, and take action to improve things in our life.  

What you need to do is sit down and look at your life honestly, and look at all the options you can take in your life right now to make things better.  For example, you can choose to stay in your current marriage and try to make it better, or you could choose to leave your marriage and face to consequences, you could choose to make other areas of your life happier by seeking friendship support or spending time doing things you love, you could seek counselling and advice from someone you trust. There are many things you CAN do.  It seems to me that you are feeling totally powerless at the moment, but there is ALWAYS something you can do - however small that thing might be - to make your life better.  God wants us to take action ourselves to make our lives better and live a good life in faith.  Therefore, when you pray, rather than asking for something better in your life, ask for God's guidance and pray for the strength to do the right thing.  Pray for a sign that you are on the right track.  Look also to your more recent dreams for signs and messages.  Read your holy book (the Quran?) for guidance also.  Sometimes just opening a random page and reading the first verse you see can give you amazing insight!  Praying for strengh from God is one of the best things you can do to help you through hard times and to give you the strength to improve your future.   I will DEFINITELY pray for these things for you.  And as always, I am happy to answer any follow-up questions and comments you might have.

Take care and look after yourself...

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