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I dreamt that sea water was gusing from the left and the right but the water gushing from the right was blocked by a small gate. I was thinking of opening it to let the water in but was afraid to drown so I lleave it closed. Water gushing on the left was coming from the mountains and it was already on my knees. Then three people were swimming with lifesavers and I decide to swim with them without a lifesaver and get to land safely. They dont mind me so I ask help from a woman in a house and she gives me a change of clothes and makes me join a grpup that entertains. I am happy with the group

Hi Giselle,

I have a question about the dream that I wasn't quite sure of.  You described the water as sea water, but I couldn't tell how the water was from the sea.  Was the gate on the right holding back water from the sea?  Also, do you recall what the water looked like?  Was it clear or murky for example?  Could you see the bottom, or was it difficult to see into the water?

In general, water in dreams can be about emotional or spiritual issues.  In your dream, the water is gushing in, and you are worried that you could drown.  Interestingly, you thought about opening the gate, but decided not to because the water might overwhelm you.  My thoughts are that there is some kind of emotional issue going on for you at the moment that you would kind of like to throw yourself into, but you might be afraid of being hurt or too overwelmed by emotions perhaps.

The left and right references in the dream can be important.  The left side can refer to the left side of the brian, which is involved with logic, task management, problem solving, and that kind of thing, while the right side of the brain is to do with your creative and emotional side.  If there is a blockage to the right, it could be saying that you are holding back on your creativity or that emotional part of you for some reason.

Whatever this emotional situation is, the dream describes how you got out of it.  You were able to get out of the situation by yourself, without a "lifesaver".  However, once you were out of the immediate threat, you do ask for help and a woman gives you new clothes.  Clothes can represent the way we present ourselves to the world.  They also cover and protect our bodies.  So the clothes in this dream might represent a change in the way you cover up your inner most thoughts or feelings from the people around you (or just some people in your life) and/or how you protect yourself from difficult or awkward situations in your waking life.

Intriguingly, the woman in the house MAKES you join an entertainment group - which you seem to end ip enjoying!  I am not exactly sure what this would refer to, but I guess an entertainment group would perform in front of people.  So perhaps it is about MAKING yourself interact with people in away that you wouldn't normally do, or it could be about trying to overcome shyness or being too reserved?  Alternatively, it might be about involving yourself in a creative outlet (referring back to the right sided blockage in your dream).  

Well those are my thoughts on your dream. Did any of that make sense to you?  I would love to hear what you think.  If it didn't seem to fit with any of your life, then maybe send me some more details about the dream (see questions above).  I am sure we can get to the bottom of it.

Just one extra thing I wanted to bring up,  I was reading some informtion the other day about how health issues can be presented to us in dreams.  I have to tell you, I don't have  much experience with this side of dreams at all, so feel free to totally disregard what I am about to say, but the imagery of water flowing in your dream, and how one side was blocked, did strike me straight away as being like the flow of fluids in our body (like blood, urine, or other fluids) and how sometimes things can get blocked on one side for one reason or another.  Anyway, I just thought I might as well mention it because there could be no harm in just getting a check up from the doctor.  Maybe get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked?  Or if you are having any discomfort anywhere, or other odd symptoms, it might be worth mentioning them to your doctor and just getting it checked out.  If it is referring to a health issue you have, then you are probably already aware of it anyway.  

Well hope this was helpful - and please don't hesitate to send a follow-up question or comment if you want to.  I would only be too pleased to help further.

Take care.

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