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I am only a teenager, but I've had a feeling for a while now that I may or may not be bisexual. I'm not sure if this dream is linked to this or not, but I guess it is possible.
I had a dream last night that I was somewhere foreign and there was this really cute guy(never seen him before in real life) and eventually, we started dating. We were really attached and happy together. It then all of a sudden switched to back where I live, and I was in a Changing Room and this really cute girl(I'd never seen her in real life either) started talking to me, and we started going out. Only, I was still dating that other cute dude from the other country. I felt really happy around this girl, and when I woke up I felt sad that it wasn't real life.
Does this mean anything? Like, why was I going out with a boy and a girl in the same dream? And does this mean that I'm actually bisexual?

Good morning, Jade.

I don't believe that you can tell from a single dream what your sexual orientation is.  You're at an age where it's all fairly new to you, and you're trying to discover for yourself what's right for you.  In the end, no one but you can say what sort of body attracts you.

I do believe that your dream is saying that you are a bit lonely.

Pleasant dreams,


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