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QUESTION: Last night I had a dream that my crush was a manager at work. I was working in construction as a laborer and she gave me and two others work to do and then went away. She was wearing an orange colored hoody. I rushed through the work and when I was finished I went looking for her. In real life there is this guy that I know my crush likes when I went searching for her in my dream she was over with the person I know she fancies helping him with his work. When I seen her there I felt sadness and jealousy. I then climbed down the scaffolding and fell but landed on my feet. What does this dream mean. Thanks

ANSWER: Hi Gerard,

Dreams about people can be quite tricky to interpret at times because sometimes they are about how you feel about that person in real life, and sometimes they don't and the person instead represents some kind of personality trait or approach to life.  Ask yourself what is it that you admire about your crush?  What has drawn you to her?  Now ask yourself how is she different or similar to yourself?  Of the things you admire about her, would you like to be more like that yourself?  Is there something she has which is missing in your life?  (Apart from the obvious of course!  Lol)?  Now ask the same questions about the guy your crush fancies.

You are obviously sad and a little jealous that your crush fancies someone else, so this part of the the dream might be partly explained by this.

There are other symbols in the dream though, that suggest that there is more meaning and your crush might represent some personality traits or perhaps even a social status type thing that you are aspiring to.  In the dream, you are constructing something.  You are a labourer, and your crush is the manager.  So this might suggest that there is something you are building upon in real life, and that the thing you are creating is related to your crush in some way.  Perhaps you are making something within your self based on the wishes of someone else? Perhaps you are trying to change yourself to please someone?  For example, a labourer simply takes orders and has no say in the design or creativity of the thing being made.  You might be trying to prove yourself or change yourself in a hurry (as in the dream you rushed through your work).  

When you went to find your crush, she was with the guy she fancies.  This might suggest that you feel second best, or overlooked.  Perhaps your attempts to change yourself have not worked.  Climbing down the scaffolding and falling can symbolise that you feel somewhat defeated.  The good news is that you landed on your feet so this is saying that you have a good sense of self worth to fall back on when things don't work out the way you hope for.

All in all, if this interpretation makes sense to you, then it might be time to really examine the reasons why you want to recreate yourself or change yourself.  Are these changes something you want for the long term?  How comfortable do you feel about it for example?  Are you simply making the changes to impress your crush?  If you decide that yes, they are changes you want long term, then perhaps you need to slow down, and make those changes on your terms, not based on the influence of others.  If they are not changes you want long term, (or even if they are) really look at all the things you admire in your own self and make sure you celebrate your own uniqueness.  

Other than that, feel free to send a follow-up question or comment.  I didn't cover every detail, so if there's something you want more info on, don't hesitate to send a follow-up.  I would be only too pleased to help further if needed.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The only follow up question I have is what does the orange colored hoody symbolize. I have never seen her wear an orange top in real life.

Hey Gerard,

Thank you so much for your feedback!  I am so glad this had made sense to you and that you've had a bit of a revelation as a result.  

I knew you were going to ask about that orange hoodie! Lol!  When I first read through the dream, I did think that a hoodie kind of covers up your face a bit so maybe the hoodie part was about not being able to see the whole person that your crush is.  You might have been a bit blinkered when it came to her so to speak.  It's interesting that your friends had a totally different view of this woman than you did!

The meaning of the colour orange might be quite an individual thing.  Ask yourself what springs to mind when you think of the colour orange.  What emotions does it conjour up for you? Close your eyes and think about that for a minute or two.

My own thoughts are that orange is quite a bright and noticable colour.  In the construction industry, orange is worn as a safety measure.  In nature, orange is a warning sign that the bearer is poisonous in some way. (Hmmm, perhaps that is it?).

There is lots of info on orange symbolism on the internet which you might care to look at for inspiration.  Eg this page here: <http://www.color-wheel-artist.com/meanings-of-orange.html>.

All in all though, it will be your gut reaction to orange and your emotional response to it which will carry the true meaning of the colour for you.

Thanks again for your feedback.  If you ever want another interpretation of a dream and I am "unavailable", you can send another follow-up to this post and I will get it.

Take it easy.  

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