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Okay.. Ive had this happen twice now.. THIS week.. I knew it was a lucid dream, (ive done them in the past) but this one turned sour, it was a very demonic dream. And I was tryin to turn it all around and control it, but I lost all power. This guy broke down the door and was taking me away.. I saw bodies half buried *heads stickin out of the dirt* and the guy told me that no lucid dream or my control can stop him. I mean I was changing the weather, trees.. etc.. everything you can do to control the dream expect this one guy who I swore was working for the dark side of things. I woke up saying the our father, and said I had to go to church ( I NEVER say that or go)
help is needed for this one.

Hello, I would be happy to answer your question regarding lucid dreaming. Their are many times that we may be unable to control our dreams, which may in return leave us powerless to do nothing. The only thing you have to your advantage at that point is that you know that you are dreaming, and that nothing bad can happen to you, after all, its just a dream. Their are a few things that you can try, but nothing is a guarantee. When you encounter something that you do not like in your dream, you can try shouting at the top of your longs wake up. You will ether wake up from the bad dream, or this will trigger a false awakening, so most likely wake up in your bedroom. Even if you wake up in another dream, it should be almost like a new dream. You can also try spinning your body round and round and round. This will often change the course of your dream resulting in a change in scenery. If both of these tactics don't work, you could always resort to fighting back, by ether using magic, or another type of weapon, or just try to tackle him. Like I said, you know that your dreaming and you can't get hurt, so you can do what ever you want to do.  

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I am not a dream Interpreter, I specialize in lucid dreams. With this being said please don't ask me any questions about what your dreams mean. All dream interpretation questions will be rejected. Lucid dreams are when you realize that you are in a dream. Once you realize that you are dreaming, you can control and manipulate your dreams. I can answer questions regarding lucid dreaming, false awakening, paralysis sleep, and reality testing. I cannot answer questions regarding out of body experience.


When I was a little kid I would have 1-2 lucid dreams a year that I could control. As I got older I would have about 3-5 lucid dreams every year, but now I am averaging about 4-5 lucid dreams every month.

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