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i had this dream but i don't fully understand what it means...i dreamt that my boyfriend, who i had seen in months cause he migrated, came to visit me at the first house i was living along with one of his brother and my older my boyfriend and i went into the house alone and came back out and saw my dead uncle stepping from behind this big tree that was in the yard with this grin on his face. so i said uncle?! and i was smiling then he said i knew you would be happy to see me. then he came on the veranda and i asked what happened after you died. he said he felt his soul pulling away from his body and he heard God's voice telling him that he's going to hell. so i asked how did he felt hearing that and he said he was terrified. then hours later he said its time for him to go back but he had this phone in which he made a quick call then my brother said he could keep the phone for him till he returns but he was hesitant then he gave it up and left. please help me in understanding this dream am confused

Hey Rochelle,

It can be quite tricky to figure out dreams like this one.  when we dream about people we know, sometimes they symbolise the relationship we have with those people in real life, but at other times, they might just symbolise a part of ourselves or a personality trait of some sort. Your dream very much revolves around the people in it so in this way, it can be difficult to interpret.

Putting the people aside for the moment, the dream is set in your old house where you first lived.  Try to think back to the time you were living in that house and ask yourself what was going on then, which is similar to what is happening in your life now.  often our dream self will make connections between things from our present (or sometimes our future) and things feom our past.  

another symbol in the dream was the phone that your uncle had.  do you remember who he rang or what he said on the phone?  Phones will often represent communication issues of some sort.  Perhaps this has something to do with your boyfriend living so far away and not having seen him for so long?  your brother wanted to look after the phone in the meantime.  perhaos your brother is taking over some role or stepping up to take care of you in some way, either since your uncle passed or since your boyfriend went away??? Not exactly sure though about that.

with all the people in the dream, your brother, your boyfriend, his brother and your uncle, is there some kind of similarity there?  maybe they have similar personalities?  Or a similar approach to life?  Perhaps they all fulfill / fulfilled a certain need in your life?   On the other hand, they might approach a particular life issue in very different ways and hence, them being in the dream might represent you trying to find balance in a certain aspect of your life.  Have a think about what links them all and why they appeared in your dream together.

With your uncle appearing in the dream, I wonder, is he recently deceased?  It is difficult to say whether it was his actual spirit come to visit you but I do believe that the spirits of recently deceased people visit the living in their dreams.  However, sometimes there appearance is more a symbolic thing.  Were you worried about him gojng to hell?  in your dream, you said God's voice said he was going straight to hell?  if there was even a small amount a goodness in him, it is unlikely that he was sent to hell as God looks in people's heart to determine their fate.  If this is more symbolic, there might e something going on in your life which worries you morally.  Maybe this moral dilemma has been passed from your uncle onto your brother - hence your brother was going to look after the phone until your uncle returned.  This might explain why your uncle was reluctant to leave the phone with your brother.  I'm not sure what the moral dilemma might be, but if your brother is involved in something, then this might be what it's about.

Hopefully something made sense to you here, please let me know what you think and feel free to ask more questions (by using the follow-up to this post).  Often with these types of dreams, a bit of a discussion is needed in order to work it out ( I don't really know your uncle, brother, boyfriend or his brother so some extra input might be needed.)

Take care.

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