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Iíve had two different dreams with the similar action. The first dream I had a while ago, I think it was right after my dog had just died and I was really sad. The dream was about me and my little sister holding hands and walking into a big open marked with some stalls where they enlisted people into an internet dating page, and I thanked no to that. The big open marked turned into a lake and some people from the dating page got into a boat and rowed out in the lake. Me and my sister followed on foot out in the lake and I then suddenly realized we were walking on water. Then, all around us big fish started jumping high above the water and over our heads. Then I looked down at our feet and all the water had turned into just fish, and we were walking on a ground made of fish. Then my little sister started running, and I stopped her, anxious that she would hurt the fish. Then I woke up. Today I dreamt kind of a similar dream. I was sitting in the window sill on the 5th floor outside a block of flats, with two other people I donít know. I started slipping and was really frustrated that they wouldnít help me out. I grabbed something I canít explain really. It was like a fabric strip that was nailed to the window sill. It started loosen, and I asked the people I was with, how we were supposed to get down, and they said ďwe jumpĒ. I asked if one of them could go first because I was afraid, and the guy jumped. I looked down and I saw lots of fish jumping in the water below us, just like in the other dream. Then I started falling, and I got two of the nails, from the fabric strip I was holding on to, into my hand. I lost the grip, and stretched after it again, and got the nails in my hand one more time. And then I fell. And I woke up.
I donít know if this information is relevant, but the strange thing about the nails is that I was bitten by a cat the exact same place a couple of days ago, in a cat shelter looking for a new cat. The hand is not hurting, so I donít think it has anything to do with that physically. I am actually afraid of cats, and I feel confused if I have mentally tried to replace my dog with a cat or if I am trying to push away my feelings.
Hope you can help me understand what my subconscious is telling me!

Hi Ina,

Your dream has lots of wonderful symbols in it.  There are also many Christian references in the dreams.  Are you Christian or where your brought up Christian?  If so, I think that the dreams are reminding you to have faith in Jesus and everything will be alright.  It is clear from the dreams that you are going through a really tough time at the moment and you are feeling really uncertain about the future and what it holds for you.  Losing your beloved pet dog has obviously been like losing a best friend.  You are right to mourn, but realise that the dreams are trying to tell you to have faith that everything will be okay.

In the first dream, you were in a market, which would represent making choices in your life.  There was an internet dating service there and you declined their offer. So this might be about friendship or romance.  tThe fact that you said no might be saying that you are choosing to be alone and deal with your feelings by yourself.

The part where the market turned into a lake and the dating service people rowed out there, and you followed by walking on water, this really reminds me of the Bible story of when the disciples rowed out into the sea and then a storm whipped up and Jesus walked out onto the water to save them.  I found this nice article about that story which I think would really make sense to you and your situation.  Have a read here and this part of the dream might make more sense.  


Fish are also a really strong Christian symbol.  Water in dreams, such as your lake, can symbolise emotional issues.  So the lake turning into fish and you walking on the fish might be about falling back on your Christian foundation for support.  The interesting thing was that you were worried about hurting the fish so maybe you have apprehensions about allowing yourself to find comfort in other people, or in Jesus or something like that - I'm not exactly sure.  Alternatively, the fish were out of water, so it could also be a reference to feeling really out of place and the moment and having difficulty finding that sense of belonging.

In the second dream, you were afraid to jump and take that leap of faith.  You are desperately trying to hold onto you position in life, whatever that may be.  The dream is saying just let go and jump and things will be ok.  I really think the fish in your case, are a Christian symbol because of the walking on water reference in the first dream.  Again, the fish are most probably a reminder to trust in God and everything will work out.  

I do think you are right to make that connection with being bitten by the cat and the nails in your hand.  Dreams often make subtle connections with these things.  Perhaps you are trying to replace your dog with a cat, but in a symbolic way.  If you think about it, dogs are very sociable and need to feel that they belong.  In the wild, they stick together in packs.  As pets, they need to feel part of a family.  They need love and attention.  Cats on the other hand are far more independant and self reliant.  Apart from lions, all other wild cats are mainly solitary animals.  

Since  your dog died, have you become more solitary?  Have you tended to avoid socialising?  Or have you been spending lots more time on your own?  If so, then I think the message is that you really need to have more people around you.  Being around people will really lift your spirits and make you want to get back on track with your life.  While you might not fell like it very much, you have to make yourself.  Just talkng about your feelings with a trusted friend will really help you feel that sense of belonging again.  Your little sister's approach to life too might really help you at the moment.  It might be a good time to strengthen your bond with her and just hang out with her more.  Although she is young, her perspective on life might be more insightful than you think!

If you are Christian, praying for strength and guidance will really help too.  

Well these are my main impressions of you dreams.  I didn't talk about everything so if you still have unanswered questions, just send a follow up question and I would be very pleased to help further if needed.

Take care of yourself.

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