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I was on a cruise ship with my toy poodle, Ava.  I love Ava dearly.  My husband, children, in fact no one I know was on the ship.  The ship was not particularly elegant and was rather like one from the 1940's. I left the ship for a sea excursion in a large glass box.  Many others were with me.  During the excursion a huge wave approached an crashed right before reaching our box.  It was terrifying.  Another huge wave approached, completely engulfed our box and turned us over and over. Miraculously nobody was hurt.  When I returned to the ship my dog was missing.  she had been swept overboard by the same wave I was sure.  I had feelings of loss and dispair.  I turned and discovered Ava had survived by hiding behind a box.  I was happy and relieved.

Hello Janet,

Your dream contains a lot of interesting symbolism.  Anything to do with water in dreams seems to involve emotions.  The ocean in particular can symbolise overwhelming emotional issues in your life.  Being engulfed by waves really confirms that you've been very upset lately because events in your life have been difficult to deal with.  

The cruise ship is going to symbolise the way you travel through life.  A cruise ship, while it is on the ocean (symbolising emotions) and may seem vulnerable, is generally a large vessel and provides some protection and generally travels in a straight and even keel.  However, given that it is a vessel that travels through the ocean, and also that it wasn't a terribly glamerous vessel, suggests that your life's journey, especially this current chapter, has been quite difficult and emotional and not exactly what you wanted for yourself.  Perhaps you have had troubles in your family life?  

When you decided in the dream, to take a sea trip in a glass box, it might represent your attempt to do something different.   Maybe you started a new direction in your life, a new project or something like that, in an attempt to make your life better.  This may have created an environment for yourself where people have watched your every move.  The glass of the box says that whatever you decided was very public and it might have felt like everyone was watching to see if you would succeed or fail.  The huge terrifying waves might symbolise that your new venture did not go so well.  

When you got back to the cruise ship, you are worried about your little dog and cannot find her, but you do find her, behind a box (hmmm, two boxes in your dream).  My guess is that your little dog represents love and friendship.  Maybe you thought that you had lost your friends or the love of your family recently?  Maybe because of this new tangent you took in your life?  But the facts are that while you might not have had much support in that new project, you do have friends and family who love you and will stick by you.  (Eg you found your little dog in the dream.)

In general, it is clear that while your life might be stable in some way, perhaps in a financial way, or maybe through predictable routines or something, you are not as happy or fulfilled as you wish to be.  You want something more in your life.  Use this time then, to rediscover things you once loved. Look back to your childhood even,  What did you love as a child? Once you have a list of things you love and would like to reintroduce into you life, see if there is  a way you can do this in a risk free way.  For instance, if you love animals, you could volunteer in an animal shelter.  If it is art, you might be able to join a group or do a course. Don't bite off kore than you can chew.  You want to enjoy some new experiences without the stress and risk of throwing everything into it.  Take baby steps and do things gradually.  Then, if later down the track you want to do something bigger, eg start a business or something like that, you need to make sure you plan and assess the risks.  Again, don't just jump into it.  Start off small and minimise the risks and this way, you will get the support you need from your family and friends.

Hope this made sense to you.  Please let me know what you think, and if you have any further questions, feel free to send a follow-up.  I would love to help further if needed.

take care of yourself.

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