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I can't remember any of my dreams, however, I finally remembered one because my deceased mother was in it.  Could you help me understand what it means?
My mother, my sister and I were in a room.  My mother seemed to be only speaking to me and not directly at my sister.  My mother gave me her umbrella, a bus ticket, and her wallet.  She explained that she didn't have much else to give me but the umbrella will keep me dry, the bus ticket still had several rides available on it, and small amount of cash in the wallet.  I asked her why she was giving me all this and she said that she's tired and she wanted me to have them.  I asked her if she were tired of working and asked her to quit so that I can take care of her.  She just smiled and looked at me.  After my mother went into her room, my sister turned to me and said that my mother must know that she is ill and dying and that's why she is giving me her possessions.  I just kept crying looking at and touching the items that my mother gave me until I woke up.

Hi Joanna,

I think this is a very beautiful dream.  Did your Mum die recently?  I'm sorry to hear of your loss.  

An umbrella is something which shelters you from rain.  Rain in dreams can often mean sadness (any water in dreams is usually to do with emotional issues) so the umbrella is something your Mum wants to give you to protect you from sadness.  A bus is something that gets you somewhere so the bus ticket is a means to get you to the next stage in your life's journey.  Obviously your Mum didn't have a lot of money, but she did want you to do well in your life.  A bus is no ferrari, but it is a practical way to get from place to place.

A wallet is something that carries money, and in your dream, the emphasis was on the money in the wallet.  Money is a means to pay for things.  It is something of value.  However, another thing about the wallet is that it contains all your cards and all your ID.  So it also represents your identity (or your Mum's identity) so your Mum was giving you her identity in the dream.  Perhaps it was a gift of her personal qualities and characteristics?  

On the otherhand though, if your Mum did not have a lot of money, she might have inadvertently passed on that part of her identity to you as well.  You mentioned that she was a hard worker in the dream.  Maybe she worked hard but struggled with money?  I am sure that she would not want to pass on that legacy to you.  So if this is the case that you also struggle a bit to get by in life - plan for a easier future for yourself.  Don't just settle for what you have now.  This might simply mean applying for a better job with better pay and conditions.  It might mean consolidating your loans and your expenses or asking for a raise.  Or it could mean starting a low risk home business on the side.  Think practical and low risk - avoid things that require big risks, like quitting your job to start a high cost business.  Even going back to study could be the go.  The gift of the bus tickets says that your Mum wanted you to go somewhere in life and the umbrella says she wanted to protect you from sadness and hardship.  If your Mum died recently, this is probably the last thing on your mind so take your time with it but just know within yourself, promise yourself that when you are ready you will work toward a brighter future.

Those were my impressions of your dream.  Hope it made some sense to you.  Please feel free to send a follow up question or comment.  I would be only too happy to help further if need be.

Take care of yourself.

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