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I'm on a beach, the sand is dark and there are large rocks nearby,  I'm not sure where I am in the world but it's most likely a British beach, it's becoming dark as the day ends and the water is a deep blue and fairly turbulent. Someone is with me, but not next to me, he's a few meters away beside the rocks, he has fair hair, I think I know who he is but I'm not totally sure. I begin to realize the tide is coming in and the beach is getting smaller and smaller until we are both completely under the water, I don't feel frightened but I do have the intention to find a way out, I swim around until I come to a large wooden door, we're still completely underwater, the fair haired man is trying to open the door with a large silver key in order to breathe but he tries and doesn't succeed, I take the key from him to help and put it in the key hole, it isn't easy but I manage to open the door. When the door opens I see a group of people in a room on benches, they are facing away from me, they are listening to someone, maybe a teacher, I go and sit on one of the benches to join in... then I wake up!

I would really appreciate if you could interpret this for me!

Many Thanks,


Hey Erika,

Oceans (and other bodies of water in dreams) can represent emotional issues.  In addition to that, the beach is like being on the cusp of some emotional issue or on the cusp of some new phase of your life.  The later would make sense because you said in the dream the day was nearly over.  So this might represent some phase in your life coming to an end.

The man in the dream might represent something turbulant happening in your life - but it really depends if you know this guy in real life and what his approach to life is.  He is near the rocks.  This could be some kind of play on words.  For example, it might represent a relationship in difficulty or something like that.  Consider the term when a relationship is said to be "on the rocks".  However, it might not necessarily be about a romantic relationship.  It could be also about family dynamics or a workplace relationship of some sort.

The tide getting higher and the beach getting smaller might symbolise some impending issue which you are being forced to deal with.  Something which might just be the natural flow of things so to speak, something which would happen with or without your input.

Once you are both under water, it can symbolise being totally emersed in an emotional situation or completely overwhelmed by emotions.  The key and the door really is a very clear symbol about new opportunities and a new direction in your life.  You are obviously a very determined person, and it seems like you will make something work once you put your mind to it.

When you finally get through the door and see the people sitting down and listening, I guess it is saying you have a lot to learn about this new thing in your life, whatever that might be. There are many unknowns about it.  But once you are out of the immediate danger period (eg the dramatic and stressful time you might currently be going through), you will have time to learn the ropes and really do well in your new life chapter.

I love - in your dream - your determination to get that key and make it open the door!  To me it says, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!  Whatever stress is going on in your life right now, don't give up.  Keep that level head of yours and keep your ultimate goal alive.  However, make sure you listen carefully to the viewpoints of others along the way because their perspective might be just as valuable and you just might learn something.  In general, I feel that if you can get through this stressful time, there is a new and calmer life on the other side.  The thing about new opportunities in life though is that you are no longer the expert.  It's all new and you need to learn from others.  So be patient and keep your mind open while you are feeling your way.

Well those were my impressions on your dream.  Hopefully it was on the right track.  Let me know what you think and feel free to send a follow-up question.

Take it easy and all the very best!

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