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As a noob in lucid dreaming, I'm curious about the realism of lucid dreams. Lucid dreams engage the five senses just like real life does, and Dr. Alan Wolfe stated that lucid dreams are actually parallel universes, but that possibility aside, can one live a legitimate "life" in a lucid dream if they manage to come back to where their lucid dream left off? For example, get a job, get married, etc. without worrying about dream characters morphing/changing or anything similar to that? If skilled enough, maybe prolong time in the lucid dream, treat it as if when you go to sleep in the lucid dream, you'll end up here, resulting in treating both real life and the lucid dream life as two actual lives? Thanks.

I would first like to apologize for answering your question a little late. This is a very interesting question and glad you asked. To answer your question, the chances of achieving everything that you described, would be a very small chance. You would have to be lucid for most of your dreams, sleep a lot more, and take of from where you left off each time. It is possible to prolong in a dream, the two techniques you can use are spinning, or you can shout, "Stop Time". I guess if you were skilled enough, it is possible to live another life in a lucid dream. I don't think their is any right or wrong answer and I'm guessing another expert would give you a totally different answer. Thanks for the question though.  

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I am not a dream Interpreter, I specialize in lucid dreams. With this being said please don't ask me any questions about what your dreams mean. All dream interpretation questions will be rejected. Lucid dreams are when you realize that you are in a dream. Once you realize that you are dreaming, you can control and manipulate your dreams. I can answer questions regarding lucid dreaming, false awakening, paralysis sleep, and reality testing. I cannot answer questions regarding out of body experience.


When I was a little kid I would have 1-2 lucid dreams a year that I could control. As I got older I would have about 3-5 lucid dreams every year, but now I am averaging about 4-5 lucid dreams every month.

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