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Okay well...  Every night I've been having these nightmares where i shoot my best friend.  Its usually the same one too.  We're in school and come in looking like a complete psychopath.  I pull out a gun.  She is usually scared but knows me so well she knows all the right things to say like in real life to get me to calm down.  It doesn't work and i am extremely mad for no reason.  I have shot her about 10 nights almost in a row...  I feel really guilty and it bothers both of us.  She has never done anything wrong and shes probably the person I'm closest to on this earth.  I don't know how to get it to stop.

Hi there,

Not sure if you are still having these dreams but I saw your dream in the question pool and thought I'd answer it.  Your dreams must be very disturbing! However, given that they have been recurring, there must be a logical explanation.  Normally, dreaming about killing someone or something can indicate that there is something you want to change in your life or that something has come to an end or there's been some other kind of change.  Also, sometimes the people in our dreams represent those people in real life, but sometimes they don't!  Do you feel any kind or anger or resentment toward your friend?  Are you overly envious of her in any way? Has something happened which has changed the nature of your relationship with her?  (Eg. If one of you has a new boyfriend or something like that, it can change the nature of your relationship).  If so, this could be the cause of the dream.  If not, then the dreams might not be directly about your best friend, but they might be about something that she symbolises to you, something that reminds you of her in some way or something you associate with her. She might even represent some aspect of yourself.  Lets just leave aside that it was your friend you were trying to kill for the moment and look at some other aspects of the dream.

In the dream, you were very angry "for no reason".  Have a think about your waking life.  Have there been times when you have felt angry for no particular reason?  Maybe you just wake up grumpy or just feel generally aggitated and snappy all the time?  

In the dream also, you said your friend tried to calm you down like she does in real life (so I am assuming here then that you do get cranky sometimes) but on this occassion it didn't work, so maybe you have been angrier than usual and you might have had trouble calming yourself down or controlling yourself when you are angry.  Alternatively, have you felt upset,  hurt or betrayed by someone or something lately or in the past? Sometimes sadness and disappointment can show up in ourselves as anger.  Sometimes anger is an easier emotion to deal with than sadness or despair.

You said that the dreams have happened 10 nights in a row.  Think back to when you first had the dream (which would have made it around May 23).  What was happening in your life then?  Did something happen in the days leading up to the dream which made you particularly angry or frustrated? maybe there was a particular event which occured that sparked a memory and got you thinking?  Remember it doesn't have to have anything to do with your friend, just try to think about what is bothering you and what is making you angry right now - so angry that you find it hard to calm down about it?  Was there or is there someone else you have been snapping at lately?

Now back to your friend and what she might represent.  From your description, she knows you very well, she seems to be able to reason with people well (because you said she knows all the right things to say to calm you down).  She is a good person (you said she's never done anything wrong) and you are both very close.  Is there anything else you would say about her?  Think about how she is similar and how  she is different to you.  Sometimes the traits of those in our dreams can represent those traits within ourselves.  For example, the thing that struck me most in your dream was your irrational behaviour and emotions, which was contrast with the rational reaction of your friend that while she was afraid, she was able to think rationally enough to be able to try to calm you down.  Maybe there is a rational calm side to you which is being destroyed by your angry irrational side for one reason or another? Obviously your dream self wanted to shock you into thinking about what's going on with you at the moment.

Hopefully this has helped you figure out what your dream is all about.  Let me know if you have any other questions or just want to discuss it a bit more.  I love to get feedback and would be very happy to help.

Take it easy.

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