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Hi i was just wondering if you can please tell me what my dream could mean

Last night i had a dream that i was playimg the ougi board trying to contact my grandfather who has been missing for 13yrs now.

In my dream i saw him well pictured him in my head than i started to ask the board but what ever was answering me was not him and i knew it i said this isnt him something else is here. I asked the board to leave and it wouldnt let me. My dream than changed and i was in my room and something kept changing it around putting things in odd places untill i shouted and said put it all back right know . What ever spirits were in my dream were teasing me they kept changing into my family members until id realise and tell them you are not my dad or you are not my brother only to find my real brother and dad behind me to say who are you talking to ? I was really frighten by my dream in some way i knew i was dreaming and kept tryimg to wake up every time id wake myself id fall back asleep within a second of opening my eyes my brother had knocked on my door in my dream only he was knocking on it in real life and i was able to wake up i prayed and i was able to sleep again .

What could this mean or dose it even mean any thing ?

Hi there,

A ouiji board is something which is used to contact the spirits of people who have died so symbolically, it can be about seeking answers about the past.  In your dream, you were trying to contact your grandfather so it might well be about the obvious, you trying to figure out what happened to him. Alternatively, sometimes the people in our dreams are symbolic of other aspects of our lives or some aspect of ourselves (an aspect of ourselves which is like the person we dreamed of).  

In this dream also, you were asking for your grandfather but some other entity answered and didn't want to leave.  I wonder if this means there are other memories from your past which haunt you and which are difficult to let go of, recover from or which are otherwise difficult to get out of your mind?  It might be all related to your grandfather going missing though. 

The next part of your dream where you are in your room, your room is gong to represent your most personal and private self - the essence of you.  In your dream, something kept moving stuff around and changing your room.  Maybe this has to do with  life events changing who you are?  Your determination to stay who you really are comes through though as you demand things be put back the way they are.  Maybe you are starting  to work through certain issues in your life to try to get back what should have been.  This might all well stem from the disappearance of your grandfather.  Not ever really knowing what happened would definitely haunt your whole family and life would not be the same.  I would imagine that having something as devastating as your grandfather go missing would really change the person who you would have been.  The dream might be about what has happened to you since his disappearance.

The part where the spirits were teasing you and kept changing into your family members sounds really scary!  I'm not exactly sure what this would be all about but maybe in real life you often feel very suspicious and wary.  Maybe you often wonder what is really going on or what people are really thinking or maybe you don't know who to trust???  Do you have any details about what the spirits where doing when they were pretending to be your family members?  This might help to really figure out what this part of the dream is about. The good thing in the dream is that you really don't fall for any tricks.

Your family members in the dream might represent your relationship with them and how they have been affected by past events.  Alternatively, they can also represent some aspect of yourself.  Fathers for instance, can often represent our protective instincts.  Brothers can represent our strength and logic.  We all have self-preservation techniques that we use.  There might be something about your technique that is difficult to control or difficult to understand or it might not feel like you.  (Eg, maybe when you are in self preservation mode, you act in a way which is totally out of character, or something like that.).  Did the spirits pretend to be any female members of your family? If so, then the meaning here might be a little different.

Those were my initial thoughts on your dream.  If you want to discuss it a bit more, if you still have some questions about it for instance, I would be very happy to help further.  You can just send a follow-up question as part of this post.  

I can't imagine how difficult it must be to go through something like this.  If on the off chance you were considering actually using a ouji board in real life - be very careful and do your homework.  I've never used one myself but the stories I've heard from people who have used them haven't been good!  Maybe you're better off forking out the money for a good psychic or medium?  I guess they don't always get it right though.

I really hope you find out the truth.  Take care of yourself and your family.  (PS.  I think you arethe first fellow Aussie I have interpreted for on this site - I hope I was able to help in some small way.).

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