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Can you please help me with my dream? In my dream I saw red walls and other objects (cannot remember what they were now) with 3 diagonal slits in them, almost like claw marks. I was quite frightened.
Very briefly I saw a yogurt pot that had a mouth and was talking. Suddenly,someone was telling me about a zip wire from Wichita, USA to Amsterdam, Holland.
The dream quickly changed to people using Hessian sacks as slides/sleds to have races on grassy banking. I mentioned how I used to do the same thing on the rivaling school's field but got into trouble for it (this never happened in real life).
Suddenly, I was on some sort of mission or quest. I was walking along in some woods and saw a giant purple octopus inside a school bus. Some of its tentacles were hanging out of the open windows. I did not feel scared. In fact I found it quite interesting and amusing.
I walked away. I had promised someone that I would find a certain rock at the highest point and I would stand on and spread my arms shouting "THIS IS SPARTA!"
When I had done that I was walking through a field/park and there were people dotted around. Some were playing games like golf and some were just sitting or walking. An old man was following me and speaking to me but I couldn't understand him. I felt heat in my pocket and took out my tobacco tin to find some things burnt and embers still burning. I was trying to save important things from it like drawings from my children's early childhood and my youngest child's baby teeth. The tin was like Mary Poppins' bag and I kept pulling lots of things out of it.
Exactly a month after this dream, I went on a bike ride to find a place where I used to spend time with an old boyfriend as a teenager in real life and things were happening that were very similar to the dream. What does it all mean?


Hi Rachel, Your dream has lots of isolated images in it which makes it a little difficult to interpret.  The meaning of individual symbols in dreams is a very individual thing you see, so I often use the context of the dream to figure out the meaning.  The best way to figure out the meaning of individual symbols in your dream is to quickly say the first three things that pop into your head when you think of the object or other symbol in your dream.  I can still give my initial impressions of these symbols but make sure you question what I've said to make sure it fits in with your own symbolism meanings.

May have something to do with trying to claw your way out of something or, alternatively it could be about someone trying to claw their way in to your life.

Might be about wanting a long term nurturing relationship (eg preserved milk) or it could be a play on words - might be about culture?? Given that there were three different places mentioned in your dream, eg Wichita, Amsterdam, Sparta, then it might be more to do with cultural experiences.

This is going to depend on your personal beliefs or impressions about Wichita and Amsterdam.  A zip wire is a quick way of getting from one place to another.  Is Wichita known as a conservative place?  I'm not that familiar with it.  Amsterdam, I am sure you will agree, is well known for its liberal and permissive culture so this part of the dream might be about going from being a conservative person with conservative ideas, to being liberal and experimental in a short period of time.

The sack slide ride is another method of getting somewhere very quickly so this is similar to the zip wire part of the dream.  The sack ride is purely for fun though, and in the dream you said you got into trouble for doing this in the past.  So perhaps there is a little voice inside your head that associates fun with trouble!!!

.This suggests you are searching for something right now.  Perhaps you are looking for more meaning in your life, or you might be questioning things a lot more than you usd to.

The school bus suggests you are on some kind of learning journey.  An octopus might be suggesting you have your finger in many pies or you are trying lots of different things at the moment.


It is interesting that this particular mission you were on was for someone else.  You had promised to do this not for your self - so I wonder if in real life, you are doing stuff to please someone else or just other people in general.   Sparta is known for its military culture so perhaps you have some military experience or a strict upbringing or a strict routine something like that.

The tobacco tin is an interesting part of the dream.  You were trying to stop things from burning and trying to save things from your past.  I wonder if your real life mission has meant that you've had to give up a lot of things.  It is interesting that you had to try to save your children's pictures from the past.  Maybe the dream is saying that you need to be careful with your new direction in life to make sure you don't leave behind the things and the people that you really value.  alternatively, if there has been a change of living arrangements with your children, then it might be about having to let go or not wantingto let go of them in some way.  You are trying to hold on to those memories of their childhood and wondering what the future brings for your relationship with your children.

It seems to me that you are on a bit of a voyage of discovery and you are breaking out of a constricting shell and experimenting with new things.  Perhaps you are trying to find your own way of being rather than doing things to please others. In general, this would be a positive move for you but the risk is that you might leave others behind and lose touch with those you really care about.  i guess you just need to take your time and not rush into things too much.  Try something out and then leave it for a while to see how it goes,

Please accept my apologies for taking so long to respond to your dream.  I have to admit it was quite a difficult one and I thought a lot about it.  I haven't covered everything though so if you want more insights, please let me know, I promise I won't take so long next time!  I just didn't want to keep you waiting any longer so I thought I'd just send what I had done so far.


Thank you for this interpretation. Some of the things you have said are so accurate to my life it is almost scary! I'm still quite puzzled by the purple octopus though - it's the only thing that doesn't seem to fit. The only thing that comes to mind when I think of the octopus is mystery for the colour of it and amusement or fun and then music for the actual octopus. Go figure?


Hi Rachel,

I'm so sorry for taking a long time again!  Your reply went into the "comments/feedback" section instead of coming to me as a follow-up question and I don't get notified automatically about these comments!  I just copied your question/comment above to make it easier.  I think you have to put in one of your regular email addresses to be able to send a follow-up question.

I'm really glad the interpretation worked out for you. It was quite a tricky one. With your feedback about the octopus being about mystery, fun and music, this really fits in with the rest of the dream.  When you saw this octopus, it was just when you started on this quest, so this has something to do with you seeking more to life.  The octopus was in a school bus so the school thing is about a quest for knowledge and the bus is taking you on a journey.  (Eg, it is about your own learning journey.)  Your description of the octopus suggests that the learning journey is about your curiosity for fun.  Music is often associated with harmony and celebration in dreams, so this all fits in with the meaning of the rest of the dream.

Thanks again for your comments!  Hope you find my response!

Take it easy.  

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