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For the last year or so every time i dream i know im dreaming but i have no controll over my dream and the last dream i can recall was a dream in where a member of my family was being hurt and i could do nothing about it which filled me rage in where i got so angry in my dream i dremt i hit a wall after this happend i woke up still in rage where i had actually hit the wall and this seems to be the norm with most of my dreams i wake up round about the same time filled with a rage , this had been going on for a long time any toughts?

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for sending in your dream, I hope I can help.  I can only think that you are also feeling a lot of rage and frustration in your waking life.  If you can send me a dream in its entirety, this can really help interpret what's going on.  Often things that seem insignificant in a dream can give clues as to what is going on in your life, where the problems might be and what you can change to make your life better. A whole dream will give more context to what is going on and why it is happening,  

From what you have given me though, in your dream, you felt angry because a family member was being hurt and you couldn't do anything about it.  That family member might represent your relationship with them in real life, or, alternatively, they might represent some aspect of yourself.  What kind of person is this family member?  How are they different from you?  Eg, how do your lives differ?  Also, how are you both similar?  What traits do you both share?  This might help hone in on what this person represents in your dream.  For instance, (and this is just an example to help you understand what I mean and not necessarily true) say this family member is very sucessful but you have not been so successful in life.  Your family member being hurt in your dream might represent that your own chances at success in life are being damaged and you are feeling unable to do anything about it.

In your dream also, you said you hit a wall.  This could be a metaphor for you coming up against a brick wall in real life so to speak.  You might be trying to get somewhere in your life, but everytime you try, you don't seem to get anywhere or something inevitably comes to stop you from getting what you need/ or want.  In other words, a whole lot of frustration and powerlessness is going on!!!

You said that these dreams have been happening for over a year.  Can you think back to when this all started?  Are you able to pinpoint any changes that happened in your life at that time?  This might help to identify what has triggered this frustration for you in your life.  Eg, it might be a new job, change of address, change of living arrangements, family dramas, or some significant life event, etc, etc.

One other thing, and just in case you didn't know, when you realise you are dreaming, it is called lucid dreaming.  This is in fact a great skill to have and not everyone can do it!  Theoretically, you should be able to control your dream in some way (not the whole thing) but perhaps some of it by willing things to happen.  The fact that you feel so much rage in your dream is probably stopping you from doing this.  This is because your dream is in fact your creation.  So if you are feeling rage in your dream, then that is what will be reflected back at you in the dream.  From what I have read about lucid dreaming (I have very limited personal skills in this area! Lol) and this might sound very corny but apparently it can be very effective, is to project love and peace toward those dream entities or situations that you feel rage toward.  Often what will then happen is that the evil figure, or the bad situation will transform into something less powerful and less evil. If you are able to, you might be lucid enough to then ask the dream why these things keep happening.   I am sure this is easier said than done, but it is worth a try.  Do some research on lucid dreaming and you might come up with a few tips.  One way to do it for example is to remind yourself before you go to bed that you are going to feel more love/peace toward things in your dream.  Think of a recent dream you had and instead of feeling the rage, imagine yourself feeling peace and imagine a changed ending to the dream where everything works out (This is called dream alchemy and apparently it can actually not only change your dreams, but it can make your waking life more positive as well.)

I guess the trick is not to try to stop things from happening in your dream, but to reflect peace (rather than rage) and wait for that to be reflected back to you in the dream.  Resistance in dreams like this can often make things much worse.  

One other thing, if you are actually lashing out physically in your dreams, you might want to take a few safety precautions while all this is going on.  Eg, if someone sleeps with you, it might be safer if they slept in another room/bed for a while.  Also, look around your bed and remove anything that you might hurt yourself on or remove anything that could get broken.  Are you a sleep walker?  It doesn't sound like you are, but sometimes it is necessary for people to lock windows and things before bed - especially if you don't sleep at ground level (scary thought but it can be a problem for some people).

Well those are my thoughts on your dreams.  Feel free to send a follow-up question or comment or send me a whole dream or two to interpret.  I can direct you to further reading too if you want more info on something.  I am sure, with a bit of work we can figure out what is going on and make things at least a little bit better for you.

Take it easy.

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