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I have had this dream only two times.. but it frightens me to the bone. This is what happens in the first dream, I love old fashion houses, so there is no surprise to me that in my dream I would fall in love with one. My boyfriend and I see this house and the as soon as I see it I want it. It's old, big and beautiful! It's a very light blue and has white window shutters, a porch that goes all around the house. We buy it, and then I find myself walking into the house by myself, I about to clean it so that we can move in. The house is furnished with antique furniture, its really dusty and dark, I love it! the furniture is bulky and heavy so I figure I'll wait for my boyfriend to help move it. I start cleaning the windows, behind me there is a big picture frame of a lady maybe in her early 30's, as soon as I see it I get chills but don't mind very much. Im cleaning the windows, but as soon as it looks like they are clean, they start to get dirty and foggy again.. and I start getting scared.. since the thing that would freak me out was the lady in the picture frame... I take it down, BIG MISTAKE... the lady in the frame turns her eyes to me and I drop the frame to the floor, as soon as that happens all the heavy furniture starts moving all over the place and things start flying everywhere.. I start yelling and run out of the house. In the second dream its again the same house.. but this time its bright and clean, but the windows are not. I go thru the outside to clean to fix the shutters and to clean the windows again... while cleaning I got the feeling that someone was looking at me.. and I felt frighten again, when I look thru the window I see a woman sitting down in my couch, she is looking straight at me and she has her arm around a child, she is dressed old fashion and has a veil in her face. I get so scared that I tell my boyfriend, but seems not to really believe me. Then the dream shifts to a get together that we are having in the back porch, there is a lot of smoke from the bbq and I start taking pictures of everyone, that night while in bed I start shifting thru the pictures and in one of them the same woman is starting back at me thru the smoke, just her face no body, I get so scared, and show the picture to my boyfriend, who after seeing it believes me and tells me that we would look for a new house in the morning. I try going back to sleep in my dream, but I'm so scared that I end up waking up in real life. Can you please tell me what this might mean or signify. The dreams happened about a month apart, and my boyfriend and I just started living together as of 3 weeks now.

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I would be glad to answer you! However, I need to know the following information about you as it would be very helpful for me to provide you with the most accurate and convincing answer for your question. So, please do not hesitate to send it as soon and as accurate as possible.

1. Gender and age
2. Country
3. Race
4. Religion
5. Are you a religious, moderately-religious, non-religious person?
6. Sexual orientation (not for children - adults only)
7. Marital status (not for children - adults only)
8. Profession
9. General Health condition
10. Are you happy with your life? if not, why are you unhappy?
11. What are the most important problems did you have at the time you saw the dream?
12. What are the most important principle or thing that you care about in life? Your most important priorities in life?
13. Are you afraid of something? What is that?
14. Did you have a bad experience that still taking effect on your life?
15. Do you have a special activity that takes most of your time?
16. What are your most important hope(s)in life?

Please, expect that i might ask you more questions (if needed) before I provide you with the answer.

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