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I had a dream the other night that i couldn't really make any sense out of so i thought i would seek some expert help. I was driving in a car with my girlfriend when another car was driving right at us and just before it could hit me both cars stopped dead in there tracks and then both me and my girlfriend looked into the back seat of the car and there was my girlfriends recently deceased papa (her grandfather who passed away in march.) was sitting there smiling at us with a huge smile and glowing like a angel (white light surrounding him). that was the end of the dream. The only thing is that he didn't know that we were dating. please help

Hey Samantha,

What a beautiful dream!  I think both you and your girlfriend can take a lot of comfort from this. My personal belief is that people who have died can come into our dreams to give us a message or just provide comfort and support.  However, it is not always the case that when the deceased appear in our dreams it is actually their spirit ( sometimes it is simply our own mind's creation).  I am not that skilled that I can tell the difference between these two kinds of dreams but if I had to guess, this dream would seem like a positive message from your girlfriend's Papa.

In the dream, you and your girlfriend were driving in a car.  Dreams about driving are often about our journey through life or the direction we are taking in life.  As you were with your girlfriend, it is most likely to be about your relationship.  In your dream, you were about to have a head on collision with another car.  Any idea about the driver of the other car btw?  Having a head on collision can mean some major conflict in life.  Eg, both cars are travelling in opposite directions but neither is willing to get out of the way.  So a head on collision might represent two parties who are very set in their ways and neither is willing to compromise with the other.  The thing about your dream though, is that both cars stopped dead in their tracks before the collision occurred.  So perhaps this is saying that while you might be up against some opposition in your life, there appears to be enough respect on both sides that some mutual compromise or some mutual understanding will be reached.  

It is interesting that your girlfriend's recently deceased grandfather was in the back seat!  To me this is some kind of back seat driving reference.  It suggests that he (or his legacy) could be indirectly influencing the situation to help you and your girlfriend along your way.  The dream seems to be saying that everything will be ok.  You might be facing some conflict or obstacles at the moment but things seem to be looking up.

Hope this was of some help.  Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.  Always willing to help further if needed.

Take care.

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