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I had a very short dream
I was sitting at home with my sisters and someone was knocking at the door.i was in my sleeping clothes and i really didn't want to be seen but i answered the door anyway.
(Before i go on just wanted to say that i live in an apartment).
So i answered the door and it was the apartment manager and assistant manager and a few other people with a camera.
So they asked for Me and i step out the door on the porch.I was a little surprised at first because i didn't know what they wanted.And then they began to interview me,but the questions the assistant manager was asking me was from a notepad she reading off of and the answers were in front of me on a bigger paper or something like that. It was like a commercial script..they was recording so i knew i was going to be on TV even though i wasn't fully prepared to be on TV, i was still smiling and very happy anyway.while i was recording i was standing by my window which i could see into my living room,i was trying to see what my sisters were doing but they were just sitting there and wasn't really aware what was going on :) so i just continued doing what i was doing. And that was the end
Hope you can help

ANSWER: Hey Marsha,

Well that was a rather intriguing kind of a dream!  A knock att the door could be seen as an opportunity.  Note that you were still wearing your "sleeping clothes" in the dream.  This might suggest that you could be somewhat unprepared for this opportunity.  Homes in dreams can represent yourself and your life.  The appartment manager in your dream then, might represent your higher self or people in general who have some authority over you.  For example, your parents or your teachers or your boss, etc.

Being asked questions and being in a commercial might represent that you are trying to sell something about yourself.  Maybe this has something to do with an audition or an interview?  I'm not really sure, but again, you seemed surprised in the dream so somehow the dream is about something unexpected.  Reading from a script also seems to be saying that you are unprepared for something but never the less are prepared to give it a go, wing it, or play it by ear.  Being on TV sounds like whatever this opportunity is will be quite public and other people will be able to see you in action!  Any idea what the questions where or what your answers were?  What was the commercial about?  This might give some further clues about what the dreamis about.

When you look back into your house and see your sisters... your sisters might represent your relationship with them in real life.  Alternatively, they might represent some aspect of yourself.  Regardless, when you look back into your house, you see that your sisters are unaware of what is going on.  So again, the big message in this dream is that you are not paying attention to something and you are not prepared.

Is there anything like that going on in your life at the moment?  Do you have a particular talent that you want others to see?  Maybe you haven't been practicing and now an opportunity has come up and you are not quite ready but are going to give it a go anyway.   The big message here seems to be to start getting ready so you are not caught off guard.  Start practicing, do your homework, prepare yourself in whatever way you can to give yourself the best chance at success.

Please let me know what you think!!!!  If this makes sense to you, I would love to know what this opportunity is (if you have figured it out.). If it doesn't seem to ring true, let me know also.  I am sure we could work out what the dream is trying to say.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your reply...
The questions were about how i like living in the apartments and how is the area, and my answers were,"i love it and its a very great place the live especially if you have kids and that i would recommend friends to live here as well".. I was smiling the whole time and very happy even though i wasn't camera ready.
I'm not auditioning for anything but i am hoping for a job so maybe i will get a call for an interview soon. And another thing i can think of is winning a prize, I'm not sure if you've heard of it but its called Publishing clearing house(PCH) and every month they give out prizes to random people and sometimes if the prizes are large amounts of money they come to your house with cameras and give it to you.
So maybe i've been thinking about winning so much that I'm dreaming about the show or i need to prepare for a job interview
But whatever the opportunity is i hope i be ready :)

Thanks for replying!  Yep, I think this is likely to be about a job interview.  The clearing house thing would have something to do with it too because the way they came to your door was like how the clearing house comes to your door when you win big.  So I think it is refering to some good thing happening in your life.  (It would be great if you won the clearing house thing.  Not sure if the dream is saying this though, but I think it is saying that you are heading for good things and it is probably to do with getting a job interview for a job you really want.)

The things you were getting interviewed for, how you really like living in your appartment and what a great place to live it is, this is going to be about your own life.  It really sounds like you are in a good place at the moment and are really enjoying life.  You sound really happy with your achievements and feel confident and optimistic about the future.  The fact that you said it was a great place for kids can symbolise that you are brimming with potential and new ideas and any future employer would be lucky to have you!!!  You've got a lot of positive energy at the moment.

When I read back over my last interpretation, I kind of focused on the "not being ready" part.  Well this is true, you do need to start anticipating getting a job interview - make sure you've got nice clothes, practice giving answers or whatever.  But really, the dream is a very good one and the fact that you had a big smile on your face the whole time just shows that you are a really happy and optimistic person who is willing to go with the flow.  

What a great dream!  Do keep me in touch with what happens.  It can be difficult to interpret these dreams that seem to be about the future because people often forget to write back and let me know whether things did pan out this way or that.  (So I don't get to learn from whether or not the interpretation was right or wrong - very often.)  I usually stick to what is happening for the dreamer in the present or the past but I do know that dreams look toward the future as well.  

All the very best of luck to you!

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