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QUESTION: I had a dream lastnight that I ran into am ex boyfriend, who I was head over heels in love with and together with for 6 months, and I immediately felt drawn to him again.  It felt literally like like we were being magnetically pulled together.  As soon as I showed loving/yearning emotions toward him in the dream, he allowed himself to do the same, I felt it in the dream.. I gave him a look as if saying 'yes I really want you and this, Its ok, lets do it' and just like that we were one again
 Though it was not shown it was assumed we had relations beyond just making out ( that was shown). After that, the exact details are blurry, but my current boyfriend of just over one year (this is a committed relatioship where we often discuss marriage and building a home one day)some how gets wind of my reconnection with my ex.  He confronts my ex and the two get into a physical fight over it. The fight is not shown in my dream, instead you see me running around the building we are in trying to get someone to call for help.  Then I see my current boyfriend outside, he joins a bunch of guys playing football and tells  them he is joining the game.  I do not see my ex anywhere, sp I run back to the room they were in ( the same room we shared physical intimacy) and he is not there.  Instead I see body parts, internal ones like intestines, all over and blood.  I still have no idea where my ex is and want to try to find him without my current man seeing me, fearful he may hurt me somehow or scoop me up.  I am so confused by this dream.  I love my current boyfriend very much.  And tho I loved my ex when we were together, its been over 2 years since the break up.  What can this dream be telling me so loudly???

ANSWER: Hello there Monica!

You are not alone when it comes to having intimate dreams about an ex!  And how frustrating, worrying and confusing these dreams can be!  Often, there are a number of different ways to look at these dreams so they can be a bit tricky to interpret.  However, don't worry too much because often there is a logical explanation which is more symbolic in nature.  

Having said that though, sometimes these dreams might indeed be about your unconscious feelings for your ex.  Unfortunately, even though you haven't seen your ex for 2 years, those feelings you had don't just simply fade away.  All that happens is that they remain strong, but get suppressed, and ready to be uncovered again if something in your waking life triggers them off.  Often times, these feelings hang around due to unfinished business.  If when you broke up you didn't get to say things you wanted to say at the time, then this can pop up again later on.  This can happen especially  if you start getting serious with a new love because your dream self always tries to make links with the present and the past no matter what the issue.  So therefore, your dream self probably associates those feelings of love you had with your old man with the feelings you have with your current boyfriend.

Sometimes the people in our dream represent some other aspect of ourselves and our lives.  How would you describe your ex?  How was he similar and how was he different from yourself?  What about your current boyfriend? How is he different from your ex?  And how is your current boyfriend different and the same as yourself?  Have a think about these questions and keep them in mind while you read below.

In the dream, you said you were magnetically drawn to your ex.  So ask yourself, what personality traits of his where you drawn to?  What attracted you to him?  Is there some other love in your life that you also feel magnetically drawn toward that maybe your ex used to like?  (For example, some people can feel magnetically drawn to travel, or toward sport,  art or politics, or toward having a family, or toward their career, that kind of thing.).

Another thing that occured in the dream was the conflict between your ex and your boyfriend.  So look back at those traits which are different between your ex (particularly if this is also somethng you feel drawn toward) and your boyfriend.  Are these traits or issues causing some kind of conflict within yourself at the moment?  If so, then this is probably what the dream is all about.  In the end, your boyfriend joins a football team but your ex is nowhere to be found.  So the football team might represent popularity or game playing of some kind.  Perhaps you feel pressured into playing along with what is popular rather than what your heart desires??  

The intestines all over the floor might be about you having difficulty "digesting" something or facing up to something in real life.  Note that in the dream you wanted to find your ex but didn't want your current boyfriend to find out because you feared what he might do.  So in your waking life, this might relate to wanting to find some aspect of yourself again, maybe some lost thing that you used to feel passionate about, but you don't feel comfortable about sharing that passion with others for fear of their reaction.  

Well not sure if this helps at all or whether this interpretation fits in to your life somehow.  Generally speaking though, if there has been something in your life which you once felt passionate about, but now feel like you've had to give it up for whatever reason, then this is likely to be what the dream is all about.  And if this is the case, then I guess the next step is to really think about whether you can bring this part of your life back into the present!!!

Let me know what you think, and I really apologise for taking so long to answer your dream.  I would be more than happy to answer any follow up questions if need be and I promise not to take so long this time!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello and thank you for your input, it has been quite interesting!  One thing I do wonder, often I take care of everyone else but me... could this have to do with the "digesting"part??

To go back a bit, yes my ex and I had a number of things in common, fitness, cooking together, shopping, talks of our future, dreaming.  And the part of my boyfriend being part of a team, he is very engulfed in golf, hoping to make a career of it somehow... i'm talking playing atleast 4X /week, spending all his free time, money and energy on it.  I often feel neglected and worried about where our future will end up if he doesnt shift his priority.  

Thank you again, your clarity and help is appreciated :)


ANSWER: Hey Monica!  Thanks so much for your feedback.  

I'm not sure if taking care of everyone else has anything to do with the body parts in your dream.  That wasn't exactly what I had in mind.  I must admit I glossed over that part of the dream a bit so here's a bit more information.

Each body part is going torepresent something in your waking life.  I kind of focussed on the intestines because that's the thing you mentioned specifically.  When you think about it, when you see body parts in a dream, it means that those parts are missing from a whole person.  Therefore, those parts might represent something missing from your own life.  Intestines are used for digestion in real life so they might represent digesting something in a metaphorical sense.  For example, it might be about you not being able to face up to some reality.  Not wanting to accept some truth.  

For example, if your boyfriend has such a big passion for golf, It is unlikely that he will want to give this up.  It is unlikely that he will want to "change his priorities" to save your relationship.  (This is just an example by the way and just something for you to think about.). Even if he does give up part of his golf training etc, he will probably feel resentful toward you because of it.  I can't really speak for your man and what I'm about to say is really stereotypical (so sorry about that) but the thing about a lot of men (not all of them though) is that they do what they want, and they don't change for anyone!  Lol.  I know exactly how you feel about the amount of time yor boyfriend spends on golf.  My husband is totally obsessed with basketall and he is ALWAYS doing basketball related things like coaching, training, playing, club admin stuff.  Every now and then it drives me crazy!  I've had to learn to live with it and appreciate (somewhat grudgingly) that he does contribute a lot to the kids he coaches.  Sigh.

However, having said all that, the intestines part of the dream might represent something else.  Intestines and internal body parts are often refered to as "guts".  and when someone is said to "not have the guts to do something", it means that they are in need of courage.  Maybe, this does refer to your looking after everyone else because it might be saying in an indirect way, that you might need a bit more courage to put yourself first or say "no" to someone ocassionally.

As for that passion and magnetic connection you had for your ex, its almost as if this dream could have been your boyfriend's dream!!!  He is the one with the passion for golf.  And the fact you were cheating on your man in your dream, cheating can often mean that a person's attention and committment is taken away from their partner.  In a way, he is cheating on you with his golf!!!   On the otherhand though, your passion for your ex might in fact represent your passion for your current man and the fact you want him (eg: yor current man) back!  Have you had a good heart to heart with him about the golf?  If not, then this might explain why you were worried about your current boyfriend finding out about you and your ex in the dream.  I think there are many layers to your dream, as there often is when it comes to dreams about exes!  

Well there's a few more things to think about.  Again, feel free to write back with more thoughts.  The good news is (although this will be hard to digest) is that you still have a choice.  While you have been talking about committment, you arn't committed - you aren't engaged or married to this man so you can still decide if his passion and his life is right for you.  A difficult thing to consider but you must keep that in mind and not just go along with the relationship with the hope that things will go the way you want them to.

Take it easy And feel free to write back.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello again!

I just wanted to thank you for your insight , help,  and chatting.  :)  i appreciate it very much!

Bunches of thanks!

Thank you very much Monica.  That's very kind of you :).   I appreciate your feedback too!  

I really wish you all the very best for however you decide to deal with your situation and all the very best in wherever life takes you in the future.

Take it easy!!!

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