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ok, my dream was too much last night. In my dream I was in a bar type of place that had no back walls. People came in through the front but left through the open back of the establishment.  I happen to sit in the very back where the kitchen is. In the very back was also refrigerator and I was craving eggs. O yea I sat on the table with two girls and one kind of dumb man. Anyways I got up to make my eggs but there were only three eggs in that carton on the left, which is enough for me usually but I was really hungry.  On the right side of the fridge was stacks of carton of eggs. I was digging through all of them to find a good one as they all expired on September.  All the sudden some girl walked in the bar or restaurant and tried to fight one of the other girls. They took care of business as I watch. Than the guy pulls up a map and says we got to go, I told them I want a ride because I wanted to go to a Kentucky amusement park. When we left I ended up in California and actually liked it but I still wanted to get to where I was going.

Hey there Rita, thanks for sending me your dream.

Eggs in dreams usually represent some kind of fertility issue.  If you are wanting to get pregnant or feel ready to start a family or you want to settle down with someone, or you are thinking about something alone these lines, then the dream is sure to be about this.  If this doesn't seem to fit with you at all, then the eggs can represent something new or something creative in your life.  

You said you were really hungry for the eggs in your dream, so this is going to represent strong desire for something.  Another interesting part of the dream, if I can jump around a bit, is that all the eggs on the right were going to expire in September.  So ask yourself, what, in your waking life, is going to come to an end in September?  What is in your calendar of events in September?  Are there any major changes coming up then?  If so, then this is going to fit in with the dream meaning also.  

As you said, there were only 3 eggs on the left side of the fridge.  The left side can represent our rational logical and masculine side.  (Interestingly, you said you were sitting with a dumb man too) so this might be saying there is some weakness in your rational, logical or masculine side.  On the other hand, there were lots of eggs in the right side of the fridge, but they were all going to expire in September.  The right side is often said to represent our creative, emotional and feminine side.  (So going back to what I was saying before, maybe something to do with your creative, emotional or feminine side is going to be "out of date" so to speak, by September.

The next part of the dream a girl, fights with another girl, so there might be some conflict within you, particularly to do with your feminine side.  The map is likely to be symbolic of you moving forward out of this dilemma you are currently in.  A map represents a plan of action in your waking life, so this is a positive step for you.  You then said you wanted to go to an amusement park in Kentucky but you ended up in California and liked it, but still wanted to go for Kentucky.  The meaning of Kentucky and California are going to be quite individual to you.  Are these places special to you?  In what way? How would you describe these places?  And what makes Kentucky better do you think?  

The amusement park thing doesn't quite fit in for me, but maybe it would make sense to you?  An amusement park is somewhere you go for pure entertainment and to get an emotional high.  It is not really somewhere you go for spiritual enlightment nor somewhere to find your meaning in life.  So I am a little confused as to why this would be symbolic of your current life's plan of action, or how it would be a solution to your current dilemma.  Does this make any sense to you?  Maybe you need to sit down and question why you are currently on this particular path in life?  Maybe there is a certain sense of escapism and wanting to forget your troubles and just enjoy life for a while.  Well there is no harm in that I suppose.  We all need a break from life sometimes and it can do us good and help us get reinvigorated for our true life journey.  It is worth being aware of this though and just making sure you are still looking at the bigger picture and not getting stuck in "feel-good" temporary solutions.

Another interesting thing about this part of the dream is that you liked California, but still wanted to go to Kentucky.  Well sometimes life takes us down a different path that we originally didn't expect to take.  At times like that, some flexibility might be needed.  Maybe you need to think about altering your original plan.  If "California" was fun, do you really still need to go to "Kentucky"?

Well something to think about.  Feel free to send a follow-up question or comment if you want to discuss further.

Take it easy.  

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