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Dream Interpretation/Related dreams of water and past belongings.


QUESTION: It seems like all of my dreams within the last few months revolve around water. I've had typhoons, storms, floods, ocean-front views, long and short trips across it, and most recently was on the new Titanic. They all have very messed up parts to them...death, destruction, and the like...but in every one of them I am not scared and no harm comes to me or anyone that I know or love. In-fact, in my last dream, I was trying to swim a long way to shore, started getting tired, and a dolphin helped me along until the water was deep enough to stand. The weird commonality to them all, there is always a part where I am digging through what appear to be all of my past belongings. Even this last one on the ship, I was trying to pick what I wanted to take with me through a vast closet of all of my things. Even though I will collect this thing or that thing, they never stay with me and I don't seem to mind. I've looked this up, and know that water symbolizes emotions, whether it be turbulent or calm. None of the ones that I have been having are what you would call "calm" by any means# The belongings thing, I think I understand slightly, but would love to know what it actually means# What I don't understand is my own state within the dreams###Crazy, horrifying things are going on and I am always cool as a cucumber#

By "crazy, horrifying things" I mean, dead people, skeletons, people drowning or being taken down with a wave, people getting crushed# Cities collapsing due to the waves, etc###

My husband is usually in all of my dreams, but sometimes he disappears until the end when everything is all over and fine again# He has a very sweet personality# Everyone likes him# He's quiet, but kind# He's also very forgiving#

Some of my past friends have made cameos in these dreams, but are never around when things start getting rough in them# They will appear at the end sometimes with my husband, but not often# Many of them I don't know anymore so it's difficult for me to add much more detail than that#

Thank you for your time# =}

ANSWER: Hi Kimberley, my apologies for not getting to your dream earlier.  I can give you my opinion of what the dreams are about but I'm not always right so if it rings true, then great, but if my interpretation doesn' make much sense then don't feel you have to MAKE it fit, if you know what I mean.

I agree about the water thing being about emotions.  Water in dreams nearly always seems to be about emotional issues in your life.  The past belongings I would say are to do with issues, problems or memories from the past.  The impression I got from your dreams is that you've had some very difficult times in the past.  Death and destruction, in dreams, again nearly always symbolises something in your life which is coming to an end.  Skeletons, in particular, will represent something - most probably something negative - from your past which still haunts you and affects your current situation or your current state of mind, even though this thing from e past might be well and truly over.

Because of all the death and destruction around you, and because of how calm you are in the dreams, this makes me feel that you have been working through your past, maybe with a therapist or maybe just making an effort to work through these things on your own.  Your calmness suggests to me that you are very much ready to let go of the past.  This might be why your husband is never around in the turbulant part of the dream.  I guess these issues are something you have to work through on your own.  So when you think about the death etc as something negative in your life coming to an end, it doesn't seem so illigical that you are calm during the dreams.

Your husband and friends coming in at the end of the dream might represent your fresh start in life, or that you have kept those positive traits about yourself and your life.  (Eg: kindness, sweetness, inparticular, forgiveness - those traits represented by your husband.)

That dolphin dream, where the dolphin comes to help you when you are getting tired, might mean that you are getting a lot of support from family or friends or from your husband, while you work through your past.  This particular time in your life is a very safe time in which to clear out old unwanted issues and problems.

The new titanic was an interesting addition to your dream!  It suggests that your past might have been a bit of a failure (for want of a better word, and sorry if I am on the wrong track about your past :-(  but you are ready to rebuild your life and learn from those past mistakes.  (Eg. Heading straight for trouble (eg the iceburg)  is probably not such a good idea, better to just avoid it altogether, and perhaps a few more life boats wouldn't go astray either!). With this new titanitc interpretation I am making a big assumption that the new titanic didn't sink in your dream as well.  If it did sink, then a guess that wouldn't be a very good sign. Lol.

If this all seems to fit with your life, then all in all, I think your dreams point to a positive and better and happier future for you.  You might still be working through your past, but you seem quite ready to let go and move on.  Perhaps not quite up to the moving on stage but what you are doing is helping a lot.  

Well hope this made sense to you.  If you like you can send me an entire dream for interpretation.  What you gave me above was bits and pieces from a number of dreams but if you write out one or two dreams in their entirety, it can help because often we miss small details which can provide some important insight.  That new titanic dream would be interesting to look a bit deeper into for instance!  If you have any other further questions, just send a follow-up question.  I am only too happy to help.

In the meantine, take care of yourself.

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QUESTION: First of all..Thank you so much!!! I think that you are on the ball, pretty much. As for the Titanic dream, to give more insight, it started with me knowing that it was going to sink, I had three hours to determine what I was to take with me, it was a very strange dream, and coming from me that's saying a lot. I knew that the ship had three hours, in my dream, and within those hours I had to select what I wanted to take with me. I was in a very posh room, and I had clothing that I normally wouldn't, but I was well aware that I had three hours to get my stuff together and that we had to get out. Outside of my porthole, I saw dark menacing waves, and actually felt the boat sway from side-to-side when the storm hit, it felt so real. The waves turned dark and were visible from my porthole. Also, in this particular one, I remember an older lady (and I'm 33, just for reference)coming to me and saying that I needed to keep my new clothes (I thought it weird, but obeyed)I even left things that I believe in real life I would take. Once we were in the water though, everything was packed on my back but it disappeared and then I started getting tired, the dolphin showed up and led me to shore. The shore was a desolate city. There were dead people everywhere. I started asking around where to go and was lead to a person's apartment, I know the guy but not well. A massive line starts forming and I catch up to my husband and we try to go into the apt, but there is no room, so we move on. I could add more, like half of the people were dead, and others were lined up behind these dead people. I could add that there were skeleton kids with a ball and it looked like they once were having a great time.  I just don't see myself as this calm of a person. If I saw this in real life, I would freak, yet in these dreams I am the most calm and rational person you ever met. I feel that you have it right, I'm trying to get over the past and deal with my emotions. Thank you so much for your insight. I doubt very much that you would want to hear about my other dreams, to me they are very strange and often very morbid. These water ones had me really guessing, and you seem to have hit the nail on the head. I just needed desperately, for someone to validate what I was feeling. Again, Thank You!

Hi Kimberley,

I'm glad this all made sense to you.  Your new titanic dream was quite different from what I had imagined so would have a bit of a different meaning.  If this "new" titanic was also going to sink, then it might be pointing to a pattern of difficulties issues, or a pattern of thinking or behaviour.  You said you knew there were only three hours before the titanic was going to sink.  The number 3 might be representing something in real life such as three months or something like that.  Some kind of time limit where you have a certain amount of time in real life to do something?  Being on a sinking ship is a bit of a metaphor for being part of something which is about to go under or go down so to speak.  For example, say you worked for a business which was about to fold, is would be said to be like being on a sinking ship. Even if you were living in a house and you had to vacate the house in a certain time period due to some impending problem, this could fit in.  On the other hand, it might be on a more personal level where you feel you need to get out of something or stop doing something before it all falls apart completely.  It kind of sounds like a type of ultimatum, either that you've given yourself, or maybe given by someone else.

The older woman in your dream might represent some wise part of yourself.  She said you should keep your new clothes.  Clothes are something we wear to protect ourselves from the elements and cover up parts we don't want people to see. The things we wear are also like a form of self expression.  The old woman said to make sure you keep your new clothes.  So this is going to mean that if you have been trying out a new way of dealing with feelings and self protection of those feelings then this is what you need to keep doing while you move forward into the new phase of your life.  Another way of looking at it is that to take the new clothes would mean leaving the old clothes behind.  So this is one part of the dream that is about letting go of the past, whether they be past memories or past behaviour or thought patterns.

Once you were in the water, you had everything on your back.  But when those things disappeared, this is when you got tired.  The things on your back could be seen as the tools you use to deal with your emotions.  The disappearing of the things on your back might represent that when you are in a crisis, emotions can overwhelm you and you "forget" or "get tired" from  using your new coping skills.  (Which is a pretty natural thing to do).  The great thing though, as discussed above, is that even though things might get tough, you have the support around you to help out ( eg, the dolphin.)

The fact that the shore was a desolate city is interesting!  Note the difference between the luxury ship and the desolate city.  These are the opposites in your dream, and when opposites appear, it points to a need for balance in this area of your life.  For example, the luxury ship on the rough seas in your dream might represent strong or difficult emotions while the desolate city might represent no emotion.  Clearly both ends of the scale have their problems.  What is needed is something in the middle.  

All the dead people and skeletons are going to represent past difficulties or unpleasant memories from the past which you have not been able to "bury".  The children skeletons in particular, any idea how old they were?  The age of the children will point to some specific time in your life which significantly relates to your current situation.  Think back to when you were the age of those children.  What was happening in your life then?  Could it be related or similar to your current predicament?  You said it looked like they were once having fun?  Perhaps this relates to that time in your life when everything was going well, but then that time ended for some reason?  Alternatively, think of the age of the children, then think back to that number of years ago.  For example, if the children were around 8-10, think back to what was happening 8 to 10 years ago in your life.  Again, does that time relate to something which is going on now?  Sometimes our dream self makes connections and patterns with the past and the present in this way.

Appartments and houses etc, usually represent ourselves in dreams.  Not being able to get into this appartment to live might be to do with not quite feeling comfortable within yourself at the moment.  The guy you know is going to represent something about this new you.  Can you describe his personality at all?  There is likely to be something about him that you are trying to emulate.  What do you admire about him?  How is he different and how is he similar to yourself?  You said that you know the guy, but not very well.  So this might be saying that you are still getting to know who this new you - who is trying to get a hold of their emotions, is!  Interestingly, he is a man.  Often males in our dreams represent our logical, externally focussed, rational self.  Also, you said you don't see yourself as this calm rational person that you were in the dream.  However, if you are at the stage of your life where you are trying to deal with emotions and issues from the past, then that WOULD be quite a logical and rational thing to do.  That rational part of yourself knows that you have to deal with stuff to carry on a happy and fulfilling life.  Soit is this rational logical side of you that you might be unknowingly developing at the moment.  Is this another opposite in your dream perhaps and another area in your life needing more balance?

Another interesting thing, is that there was not room for you in this appartment because of all the dead bodies lined up in front of you.  I think this is saying that you have to somehow bury all these past issues and problems before you can go home to the new you.  Easy words to say, much harder to put into practice I'm sure.  

In the dream, when there was no room at the appartment, you moved on.  Perhaps this is symbolising that you are "giving up" on one particular way of dealing with problems and looking for something else?  I think the big problem though is all the dead bodies.  Remember that they all suddenly started to appear as soon as you tried to get into the appartment?  Maybe it is worth getting some professional help and advice on how to overcome you past?  If you are already doing so, then its probably a good idea to stick with it for awhile. In the dream, you were getting a lot of guideance and were asking directions a lot so it sounds like you probably are already getting help and advice - so keep doing this because it was really getting you out of trouble in your dream.  Also, keep working on your rationality and logic when you come up agaist strong emotions and fatigue.  Remind yourself why you are trying to work on things.  Keep your eye on the bigger picture.  The more you work on it, the easier it will become.

Well those are my thoughts on your dream.  Thank you so much for your rating and feedback btw!  It really helps me to learn to be a better dream interpreter when I get feedback and follow-up questions and comments so I really appreciate it.   Sorry I take so long to answer, I tend to angonise over things a bit too much I think!  Lol.  One more thing, don't ever think that I won't want to hear about your dreams!!!  The freaky things in your dreams are ok and are really common especially for people like you who have been through some trauma or other.  Death, skeltons, ghosts, zombies, all those things are my specialty!  Lol.  I'm always willing to help with people's dreams and always happy to get follow-up questions so feel free to ask any questions you like.

Take it easy...  

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