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Hi Chook,
I once had a vivid dream which involved waking up in my bed (in my dream). Everything in my house was as it was supposed to be in real life in present time except the life of the house felt missing and baron. I could feel my families' (Parents) physical presence as if they were sleeping in their beds, yet there was no life in them.
I felt drawn to exit through the side door out of the laundry almost as if I knew I had business outside. I followed the pathway towards the backyard where our shed is situated. I noticed the sky was dark and everything seemed dim and drained and unnatural, although it didnt quite feel like nighttime it didnt feel like day time either.
As I approached the shed there it was a shrouded almost shadow like sillouetted figure with an evil smirk on its almost nothing face. As Ive had this same dream more than once I sometimes feel like it has bright nonhuman white eyes shaped almost triangular, but Im not quite sure because once I see it its almost as if time stands still yet fast forwards at the same time, like I have no control of the speed of the experience.
We notice each other, same way every time, I look at him (i feel its masculine presence) and he looks at me and smiles. I feel like I should try to kill him, some dreams Ive gone to the kitchen and searched for a knife first and carried it with me. But I always feel frozen or slowed down to the point where he swiftly comes over and smiles at me really close face to face, which scares me out of my sleep in real life and wake up.
I havent been able to stay sleeping any longer.
The dream is quite disturbing and unnerving, it always has the same atmospherial feeling to it, dim, dark, powerless.

Hey there Gee,

Your dream sent shivers down my spine!  A ot of people dream of dark shadowy figures like you.  There is also a whole heap of paranormal occurances with such "shadow people" (although I realise you called this thing a black demon, I thought you might be interested to know).

When I read your dream, my first thought was depression.  It seems like there might be, or might have been, a kind of emptiness in your life.  For example, normally in dreams, a house represents ourselves and our lives.  In your dream, your house was exactly as it is, but there was no life in it.  Therefore, it makes me feel like you don't (or didn't at the time of the dream) feel connected with the people around you.  And your parents, you felt their presence, but it was like they were asleep or there was no life in them.  Your parents in your dream might represent your relationship with them or they might represent something within yourself.  For instance.  As parents are normally thought of as those who take care of us and nurture and protect us, they might represent your own nurturing and protective side.  As they were asleep, it might be saying that you are not taking care of yourself or protecting yourself.  

In the dream, you felt drawn to leave your house through the laundry.  This might signify a need to get a different perspective on your situation and try to "clean up" some aspect of your thinking or some aspect of your life.  When you went outside, you were following the path to the garden shed.  I think the fact that you wanted to get to the shed is a good sign.  Typically, a shed contains tools that we use to clean and neaten up and cultivate the garden.  A garden can symbolise our personal growth.  So symbollically, this part of the dream might be saying that you really want to do something to change and improve your situation or your state of mind.  So this really is a good message of the dream.  

The not day, not night kind of light in the dream might be symbolising some kind of transition in your life and perhaps an inability to move forward in your life to the next phase. The black demon is going to represent the thing that is getting in your way - the reason why you are having trouble enjoying life to the full.  The fact that it seemed to be faceless and shadowy is probably saying that you don't really know why you feel the way you do.  Maybe It is difficult to pinpoint any one reason?  The fact that you feel frozen and time either stands still and goes really fast at the same time, it might represent your feelings of powerlessness to fight what ever is bothering you.  Perhaps negative emotions have taken over your thought processes. I was also thinking about motivation (or a lack of it) as being represented by the time standing still and time going fast thing.  For example, when you find it difficult to motivate yourself to do something, you can feel slowed down somewhat.  At the same time, time can pass you by quite quickly.

When you feel like you should kill this thing, its saying that you want whatever it is that is holding you back in your life, gone. For some reason though, this seems very difficult for you.  Maybe you have come to believe that it is impossible?  And that it has a hold on your life?

If this makes any sense to you, then I guess the trick is to figure out what would have been in the shed if that demon was not in the way.  In other words, what are some of the tools that could help you in your life right now?  What things do you have at your disposal that could improve your situation?  A tool is something outside of yourself that you use to help you get the job done.  So you might need to seek help in order to conquer this problem in your life.  It can really help to challenge your own beliefs about this "demon" too.  Does it really have as much power over you as you think?  Are the beliefs about yourself which perhaps have been put their by this demon really true?  What would have happened in the dream if you simply ignored the demon and continued on to the shed?  When you look at it that way, in the dream you were on a path to the shed, it's just that this demon was in your way.  So in real life, you are on the right track, but something within yourself is holding you back.  If you can get past that thing and just make yourself keep going down the path you would have travelled, it might really help to take the power out of your inner demon.

Let me know what you think. If this didn't really make sense to you, let me know also.  I am sure we can get to the bottom of it,   

Take care!

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