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QUESTION: Hello Chook,

I had a very strange dream last night. Let me preface by saying I am in school to become a neuromuscular and massage therapist and looking to build my own practice and work independently with communities and companies when I am finished. Ok, in my dream I am in a  very nice apartment preparing myself to work on superstar Beyonce. For some reason though, I am going to work on her in the refrigerator. I think to myself, how are we going to get into a refrigerator! But I keep going with it like I have done it before and it begins to feel familiar to me. So she gets in the refrigerator on the second shelf from the top and waits there on the table. Now when I look up I am in my Grandmother's house I grew up in the kitchen and refrigerator is always junky/over full and her and house full of drama or some sort of negativity, but I good food. Felt the need to tell you that. She's there in her kitchen with us, I believe she is cooking and other people are in the background as well. I see them, but never faces. So I look back in the refrigerator and have Beyonce step out so I could be lotion on her lower back and glutes and get back in on the table. After she gets back in the refrigerator, I realize it's better for us to work on the top shelf because there's more room for me to get in to work and her back won't be too close to any shelf. So I start cleaning out the refrigerator, reorganizing some things and throwing out others like old food, etc. It seem like I was going to have a lot a room in the refrigerator overall after cleaning/reorganizing the other shelves, but when I got to removing everything from the top shelf the rest of the shelves got filled up again with things from the top shelf, but I did get in clean and clear and was going in to start my massage work. Weird right ? Can you help me figure this one out? Please and thank you.

ANSWER: Hi there Nalandra,

What an interesting dream!  The nice appartment you started off in is a good sign.  Also, working on a supertar might suggest that your current line of study is leading you to good things.  However, it will depend on what you associate with beyonce.  How would you describe her?  How is she different and how is she the same as yourself?  Obviously she is very successful, so she might symbolise success, but there might also be some other personality trait that you associate with her.

Now to the interesting bit where you want to work on her in the fridge!  The fridge might represent preserving something or putting something on hold (or on ice so to speak).  In the dream, you are massaging someone in the fridge, so this might be to do with working on these issues that you have put on hold in your life.  

Interestingly, when you look up, you find that you are no longer in your nice appartment, but in your grandmother's house!  So the issues you are working on might stem from that time in your life when you lived with your grandma.  You said that there was always some kind of drama going on there, so this might have something to do with it.   Perhaps you are looking at that time in your life and trying to make sense of it?  Alternatively, there might be something going on now, that reminds you of the time when you lived with your grandma.

The bit where you can't see the faces of the other people in the kitchen could be to do with not quite knowing or not quite understanding how to solve a problem or not knowing the nature of a problem or something like that.

It is a good thing that you realised that it was better to work on the top shelf of the fridge.  This shows that it feels natural for you to aim high in your goals.  Cleaning out the fridge shows that you are ready to evaluate all your beliefs about your self and about your life.  The different shelves in the fridge might represent different levels of something.  Perhaps different levels of understanding, or different phases in your life or something like that.  While cleaning out the top shelf meant that the other shelves got filled up, you did get to throw a lot of things away.  So I guess this means that while you might still have some work to do on sorting out some issues, you have made quite a bit of headway dealing with things from the past. 

Perhaps the reason you haven't quite dealt with everything yet is because you didn't quite fully understand what had happened in the past when you lived with your grandma?  (Eg. No faces of the people in her kitchen).  Not really sure about that but have a think about it.  Overall I ink this is a good dream and it sems like you are on the right track in your life.

All the best to you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It's funny but I think this dream is starting to just now come to fruition. I had a dream last night that I was cleaning wax out of my ears, but with my hands. I grab the end of it and just pulled until completely clear. On my right side it was a long thick strand. On my left side it started as a strand and then I ended up pulling out some sack of wax attached to it and the wax was green. After the extraction I could so clear. I think I am going to receive some instruction or advice soon and I am being advised to go ahead and hear. I immediately thought of the the dream I sent to you and your interpretation, though I am not entirely clear on how they link just yet. But I wanted to take the time to thank you. You've made things clearer, although I am not entirely sure of the hows, whens, and whys, I am sure your words will make a world of sense and help me in the very near future. Again, thank you for your time and attention :)

ANSWER: Hey Nalandra!

Glad to hear from you.  I really like this latest dream of yours and you are definitely on the right track with the meaning.  However, rather than there being a message coming up for you in the future that you will need to hear, I was thinking that perhaps there have been messages for you all along, but you had this blockage which wouldn't let you listen!  For instance, (and these are just some examples to get you thinking) say someone kept trying to give you advice but you didn't want to listen to the advice because you just saw it as critism or something like that.  Or you might have had previous beliefs about yourself which prevented you from considering certain possibilities for your life.  If you find yourself in situations where someone makes a suggestion to you or opportunities come up and you instantly think, no way, then the dream could be about that.

Also, if you are feeling like you have more of an open mind about things lately, then this would definitely be what the dream is about.  Back to your interpretation that there will be a message coming to you, well because you do have more of an open mind now, and because you are ready to listen, you will hear this message coming to you.  So you are right, but I think there already have been messges that you haven't listened to because you couldn't or wouldn't hear.  A build up of wax is something that happens over time so not listening or not being open minded is something that has built up for you over time so again, this is to do with beliefs from the past.  This is where your earlier dream is similar to this one.  You were clearing stuff out of this fridge, and this time you are clearing stuff out of your ears!  So its about getting rid of past beliefs that are holding you back.  In both dreams, you are cleaning stuff out yourself with your own hands, so this is suggesting that you are self motivated when it comes to coming to these conclusions.

Finally, there was an emphasis in your dream on the left and right side. The right side of the brain is said to be about creativity, and emotions and subjective thinking.  Note you cleared this side out first.  So you might have to deal with some emotional issues before you can clear the left side. The right ear had a really long string of wax so this could be about time and that this blockage in your ability to listen and consider things has been going on for quite awhile and perhaps this is because of your emotional, creative, subjective side somehow.   The right side of the brain is about logic, analytical and objective thinking.  So your ability to be objective about things might have been obscured by your emotional side. Perhaps you have been disregarding your emotions or ignoring your intuition?  

With your first dream, I wonder if we can do a bit better with the interpretation?  Perhaps we can have another go at it.  In the beginning, you said your Grandma and her house was full of drama and negativity.  Maybe this had been the wax in your ears?  Something which might help things make more sense is looking at what Beyonce represents to you.  What springs to mind when you think of her?  How is she different from you?  And how is she similar to you?  Also, another perspective on the fridge thing is that I would imagine a massage in the fridge would not be terribly successful because a fridge is cold, and I would imagine that the body and muscles would need to be warm and relaxed before a massage would be effective????   Being cold might make the muscles tense up.  Symbolically, coldness can refer to the emotions and shutting down or not showing your emotions.  Maybe the drama at your gramdmas resulted in you being put off paying attention to and showing your own emotions?  You are  obviously working on something in your life which is represented by Beyonce.  However, working on these things "in the fridge" or without regard to your emotional side might be hindering your progress.

Well I'm not exactly sure about this but let me know what you think.  Does it make more sense than the original interpretation?  Would love to get your feedback!  (PS thank you for your rating and comments btw!!!)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am so sorry! I don't know why I took so long to reply. My apologies! I do like the second interpretation. It feels to me like you are expounding on your first one. They don't feel separate from each other, it feels like second is a deeper look and I also thought of these things. The only thing that is really stumping me is I really have no idea what Beyonce represents to me. I mean I know of her, of course, but I do not really pay further attention outside of passing info online, if I watch tv, or listen to the radio. Do you think that could be it,that is really myself and I don't know me very well? Again I apologize for the extremely delayed response and appreciate all your energy spent, Chook.

Haha!  You don't need to be sorry at all!  Especially if you weren't too sure about the symbolism of Beyonce, sometimes it takes time to think these things over.

I did do a bit of reearch about Beyonce when I got your original dream because I didn't really know that much about her either.  Some of the things that came up for me were that she seems to be almost perfect.  She is very talented, she has a great marriage, she is very self determined.  Plus, on top of all that, she is a really nice person and of course quite beautiful!  In her recent documentary, she decribes how incredibly fulfilled and complete she feels now that she is a mother, so she seems like the perfect mother as well!  Which is very inspiring, if not a little annoying, lol!

If there is any criticism about her, it is that she could tend to be a bit of a control freak.  It is funny you say that you don't know much about her and that perhaps this is about not knowing yourself because some people say that her image is very well controlled and even her documentary was very carefully put together so as not to damage her perfect person image.  So if this  is true, then we probably don't know the real Beyonce very well at all.  And in turn, if this is about you, then not knowing yourself might be more about not listening to or disregarding your own instinctual reaction to things.  Hence, if you don't pay attention to or acknowledge your own wants, desires, preferences, etc, then you can become a bit detached from your true self perhaps???  well those were my thoughts about her.  Not sure if this will fit into your situation but have a think about it.

Thanks again for your feedback, it is very much appreciated!

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