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Ok.  Get ready. Last night I had a dream that I was attending a ball game (baseball/softball) and during the game I saw a tornado coming towards me. I then ran to seek cover in like a underground locker room. After the tornado stopped/went away. I was speaking to a man, I do not recognize. And I looked at his mouth to see a spider or octopus that was pulsating colors inking on his teeth and on his lips. It had eight legs and was smoothly moving around making like pen strokes inking. He told me he didn't feel anything. Then I woke up.

I know it means something. It was too vivid.
Thank you.

Hey Amanda,

Lol!  I have to admit, I've never interpretated a dream about an octopus on someone's teeth before!  A very intereting dream!

Starting at the beginning, dreams about sports can be about being competitive or undergoing some kind of test in real life. It is interesting because you weren't sure whether it was baseball or softball.  I'm sure there is some meaning there depending on how you feel about both sports.  Here in Australia, softball is usually played by women, while baseball is normally played by men (or at least there is that association.). Is that the case in the US as well?  If so, then this part of the dream might be about balancing the masculine and feminine influences in your life.  In the dream, you were watching the game, so maybe this is about observing some pattern going on around you.  On the other hand though, it could still e about your own competitive nature.

The tornado, can represent some kind of emotional turmoil which is happening in your life.  In the dream, you took cover from the tornado and it went away.  So perhaps in real life there was some kind of trouble, conflict, fighting or some other kind of problems going on and you decided that rather than getting involved, you would keep a low profile and wait until the whole thing "blew over" so to speak.  

Once the whole thing blew over in your dream, this is when you started talking to the man.  This part of the dream I believe is about communication.  In fact, I think the whole dream is about different communication styles and the difference between a conflict-based communication style, and one where you actually pay more attention to what others are saying and to what you are thinking and feeling.  

For example, you were SPEAKING to the man (whom you didn't recognise so he might represent some unknown part of yourself that you are currently trying to understand).  Then you looked at his mouth (the mouth has a lot to do with communication, so again, communication.). You then saw a spider or octopus which was pulsating colours (interestingly, the octopus - or cuttlefish - can't remember - uses its ability to pulsate different colours to communicate!). And then, the octopus was inking on the teeth and lips of this man, as if it were writing (well you said pen-like strokes so I took a liberty there and called it writing) so again, communication.  The lips have a lot to do with forming words.  Teeth are also used in communication, but can also be a power symbol.

When you said the man "didn't feel anything", what did he mean there?  Did he mean that he was unaware of the octupus?  Or was he meaning that it didn't hurt?  If he was unaware, it might be saying that you (or others around you) need to be more aware of how you (or they) are communicating to others and be more aware of what messages are being sent. If he was saying simply that it didn't hurt, then certainly this would be encouraging to communicate more honestly to those around you because it is not going to do you any harm!  

The inking reference might even be saying that you should write down your feelings/ problems?  Sometimes this can help clarify what the issues are.  If you tend to say impulsive things, this can also help because when you write things down, you can reread and edit what you want to say and therefore, take more care and time in what you want to say.  

Overall, I think this dream is showing you a different way of getting your message across.  Rather than engaging in competition and conflict and drama, communicating our feelings and our needs in a more co-operative way can really help.

Well hope this made sense to you.  If not, let me know.  I am sure we can get to the bottom of it, and I promise not to take so long next time. :-S  If you have any other questions about the dream, or anying else, let me know.  I would be more than happy to help.

all the best with everything!  

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