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I recently had a dream where my daughter was dead (which is true), she was laying on a stretcher at the entrance to a house we were at. I had restitched her pinky finger back on as it had fallen off. Everyday when I passed her I stopped and told her that I loved her and touched her arm, this felt normal everyday until one day I stopped like usual but wheni touched her arm it was warm and she sat up and said its all right mummy, I am ok now I just can't move my pinky finger. I grabbed her into my arms and took her inside where we all celebrated her return. My elation was short lived however when I started questioning how long her body hadn't been working for and that could mean she wouldn't be with us long again. I started to panic I was losing her and that's when I woke up, I was full blown crying?

Hi Haley,

I am so sad to hear about your daughter.  I can't imagine what you are going through, and what you have been through.  On one level, your dream is really a reflection of your grief and coming to terms with your daughter's death.  Whether she died recently or not, your dream is such that it seems to feel very fresh for you.  Her body being near an entrance is saying that she is never far from your thoughts and your love for her holds a very prominent position in your heart and mind.  The part where she came back to life and says, its ok Mummy I'm alright now, this should give you great comfort.  Whatever your beliefs about the afterlife, she is not suffering anymore.  (Personally, I do believe that  a person's soul lives on after death and I do believe that our loved ones can give us messages through our dreams such as in your dream.). On another level, she will always be alive within you.  You hold her memories and her love and that will never die.  I guess the part where you realise that she has been dead and you're not really sure how long she will be around is probably your waking awareness kicking in and realising that she is no longer with you.  

An interesting part of the dream was the pinky finger not working.  This is going to have some kind of significance.  Was she the youngest in your family?  Do you have other older children?  If so, then the pinky finger not working might be about her.  The fact that it was just her pinky finger, and everything else was working - it is a very interesting way of saying that everything else about your life is in tact.  If you have other family and friends around you, they are still there.  Its this one part of your life - your daughter - who is not - like the pinky finger that is no longer working. I guess it is saying, you will prevail.  There will always be something missing in your life, but you will "be ok".

Another way of looking at these dreams is the theory that everything and everyone in your dreams is actually representing you.  Your daughter's body in the dream might represent some aspect of yourself which feels like it has died.  When your daughter comes back to life, it could be saying that you have recovered somewhat from your initial condition.  The celebration of her return might infact represent a celebration of your return.  Perhaps you started to feel like your old self again for a while???  However, in the dream, the celebration was shorted lived as the reality that she had been gone struck.  Grief can be like that sometimes.  At times you might want to crawl under a rock and stay there forever.  At other times, you might not feel too bad and you might be functioning almost as you normally would (at least outwardly)  It is too difficult to handle the full force of such a loss all at once, so the sadness and despair comes in waves.

I hope you found this of some help.  You might also like this article by Jane Teresa Anderson (she is based in Brisbane).

She interprets dreams by the "everything in your dreams represents yourself" theory so she might explain it a little better than I.  I like to think that there is something more to dreams than this, and there is actually some evidence with the research that is being done on lucid dreaming and shared dreams.  I find that very comforting.

Take it easy and take care of yourself.  Feel free to ask more questions or give feedback/comments.  Very to help more if needed.  

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