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Dream Interpretation/Having dreams about getting a girlfriend.


I always have dreams about meeting a new girl and we end up having a romantic relationship. I don't ever remember ever actually asking her to be my girlfriend but it seems that's about to happen before I wake up. I usually met her and sometimes happens and we end up becoming close and start cuddling and kissing before I wake up.
I usually don't remember what she looks like and I'm pretty sure usually it's not someone I know. Sometimes though it's my ex girlfriend from 4 years ago that I still hang out with but she has a boyfriend and I don't think of myself as interested in her really. If I wanted to try to attempt to get a girlfriend and she was single I probably wouldn't go after her and test the waters somewhere else.

In my dream last night I was in a group of people. One was a girl who I really don't remember what she looks like but I'm pretty sure it wasn't someone I know well and I'm positive it wasn't my ex. There was also a male I was close with but I really can't remember who it was. I think it was my cousin but it possibly could of just been a friend. I don't remember anyone else but there was other people with us. Something happened and it felt like we were in a movie or game. We had to defeat someone and we would win and end up becoming rich or something like that. I just remember I liked the girl and I was in competition with that other male to impress her. The next thing I remember is that we did something good that put us futher to defeating that person and the girl ended up kissing me. From then on we pretty much became a couple and I was relieved. The next thing I remember is we met these dudes in a some type of sewer,possibly homeless dudes, and they could help us defeat the person we needed to defeat. They didn't want to help, I think it was because they were afraid of that person or they were working for that person, so I offered them millions of dollars to help us because if we defeated that person we would own the world or become rich, something like that.  I believe we would of taken everything that person owned. This entire time I was with this girl and group of people but I only remember being worried about her and trying to defend her. Finally  we made it to the last thing we needed to kill. I remember the girl becoming scared so I shot the thing we needed to kill so many times and ended up killing it. I told her that I would always be there for her and that mission we were on was finally over. Next thing I remember is that me and her were watching a movie, it was like it was our movie and I was watching the end to see if me and the girl stayed together. I saw a girl sitting on a sofa with no male around her,then suddenly I saw a male appear from under the sheets of her bed smiling, this male was not me but I become very happy as if it me and this girl were going to stay together. I was convinced it was me. The female in the movie I don't think was her either but I'm not sure as I don't remember what she looks like. I am pretty sure the people in the movie was a couple in a movie I watched in real life. I know the male was for sure the guy in that movie but I'm I am 60 percent sure the girl in the movie we watched was the girl he dated in the movie I was in real life. Anyways I was so relived like I finally found my dream girl and I was going to keep her. It was like watching the end of our own movie.
Thats when I woke up.

Now in real life there is a girl in one of my classes I don't know that I been wanted to talk too because I find her beautiful. I don't know if that has anything to do with my dream.
Why do I always dream about meeting a girl and trying to make her my girlfriend? What does this mean?

Thank you Garrett  for choosing me to answer your question!

I would be glad to answer you! However, I need to know the following information about you as it would be very helpful for me to provide you with the most accurate and convincing answer for your question. So, please do not hesitate to send it as soon and as accurate as possible.

1. Gender and age
2. Country
3. Race
4. Religion
5. Are you a religious, moderately-religious, non-religious person?
6. Sexual orientation (not for children - adults only)
7. Marital status (not for children - adults only)
8. Profession
9. General Health condition
10. Are you happy with your life? if not, why are you unhappy?
11. What are the most important problems did you have at the time you saw the dream?
12. What are the most important principle or thing that you care about in life? Your most important priorities in life?
13. Are you afraid of something? What is that?
14. Did you have a bad experience that still taking effect on your life?
15. Do you have a special activity that takes most of your time?
16. What are your most important hope(s)in life?

Please, expect that i might ask you more questions (if needed) before I provide you with the answer.

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