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Hi there Chook,

I had this dream during my teen years and I have always remembered it.

I was in a wedding dress, it somewhat tattered and I am wondering in a graveyard. It is dark and cold but I am not panicked but I am running throughout the graveyard. I am searching for my own grave stone, I am looking for my name on the head stone. In my dream this logic seems rational, normal. I woke up feeling nervous, swearing that I would never be married because I felt like marriage and death were in the same sub-category.

This was the first experience that made me feel uncomfortable with the idea of marriage. I do suffer commitment issues and the idea of marriage always reminds me of this dream.

Hey there Mindi,

Well I think you've pretty much got the gist of this dream.  The wedding dress doesn't just represent marriage though, it can represent committment of any sort, whether it be committment to a course of study, or a job, or even committment to a diet or excersise regime.   Anything that takes effort and you need to put your mind to in order to succeed requires committment.  Eg.  Fear of committment in general can mean that a person gives up more easily than someone who has less trouble with commitment.

Death in dreams generally represents something ending in your life.  And with every ending comes something else - a new thing.  Eg. Leaving school is an ending, but when you leave school, you might then join the workforce - a new thing.  A graveyard is somewhere you go to remember the dead.  So if you are running through a graveyard in your dream, it might mean that you are getting stuck dwelling on those endings in your life - dwelling in the past so to speak. Maybe there have been some changes in your life that you had a lot of trouble coping with for whatever reason?  

Looking for your name on a gravestone again is really about you trying to find out what caused your life to stagnate.   Maybe you were really looking for answers at that time of your life.  A name is an identity so perhaps this kind of mind set had become part of your identity at that time???

Since your dream was about you running through a graveyard with a tattered wedding dress, perhaps something from your past has caused you to have this association of committment with death.  It could be to do with someone else's committment that went wrong. Or some committment that you made that ended badly and made it difficult for you to move on.  Maybe there is an inability to forgive something which happened in the past????  Maybe it was to do with a broken promise or a betrayal of trust or something like that.  It might be necessary to come to terms with this part of your life before you can feel more comfortable with life committments and therefore, be able to make the committment to go after your life's hopes and dreams.  (Or at least this might have been the message when you had the dream.)

In order to change our lives and follow the path of our choice, we need to make a decision, then committ to that decision.  Without making committments, it is impossible to move forward.  Perhaps it is time to rethink your fear of committment?  Particularly, starting with making a committment to yourself - even a small committment - will help a lot.

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