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Hello Chook,

I had a major fight with one of my best friends Espie 2 years ago.  We were best friends for over 10 years.  After that argument that we had 2 years ago, we haven't spoken since.  Ever since the fight, she has been in my dreams at least 10 times.  The first few times we avoided each other in my dreams but the last dream that I had we were hugging.  My last dream was that I was upset with my mom (she said something to me that was hurtful.) My mom made me cry in my dream and Espie was there comforting me and hugging me telling me that everything is going to be ok.  Does this dream mean anything?  Will Espie and i rekindle our friendship?  Because we went from avoiding each other in my dreams to hugging.

hello Antoinette,

Well rather than foretelling your future about getting back together with Espie as a friend, the dreams probably reflect your feelings about the situation over time.  At first, you didn't want to talk to her and so you avoided her in your dream.  In the end, she was comforting and hugging you, which probably reflects your wish to be her friend again.  The reason for the initial argument has probably become less significant in your mind than the value of your overall friendship.  

Another thing, her appearance in the dream probably has a lot to do with why you had the disagreement in the first place.  Maybe this is an ssue that keeps popping up for you and you need to deal with that aspect of your life.  If you were hugging in the final dream, it might be saying that you have actually been dealing with this issue and maybe you are figuring it out within yourself?

In the dream you described, did your Mum actually say something hurtful in real life, or was it just in the dream?  If in real life, then the dream is going to reflect your need for comfort and understanding, which is I imagine, what Espie gave you before your argument.  If it was only in the dream, your Mum could represent the way you've been treating yourself and that that side of you which is normally optimistic and encouraging toward yourself and your current life achievements and current life situation is now being pessimistic and negative.  In other words, you might be putting yourself down too much and what you need is to be a friend to yourself and give yourself some understanding instead of critising yourself all the time.  was the critisism giving to you by your Mum in the dream related to e reason why you had the disagreement with your friend?  If so, then the hug might be symbolising some kind of self forgiveness, which is always a good sign.

The bottom line is though, you really wish you could be friends with Espie again and you really miss that connection you had with her.  So what are you waiting for???!!!  It's time to get on the phone and make amends, express your regret over the whole thing and that you really miss your friendship and can you meet up again.  Whatever the problem was, it obviously wasn't worth losing a friend over.  If she still doesn't want too, then at least you tried.  It is her right not to be friends again.  I guess it all depends on whether you were wronged, or she was wronged by you or if it was a bit of both.  If you were in the wrong, at least you will get a chance to apologise and if you were wronged, then you get that chance to say that you're not angry anymore.  (You get the picture).  Either way, you need some closure to the whole thing so you can both get on with your lives and put it behind you.

I hope you do get to be friends again though.

All the very best, I hope it works out the way you want it to.  

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