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1. female, 37
2. United States
3. Black (Carribean-American)
4. Catholic
5. moderately-religious
6. straight
7. single
8. unemployed
9. ok health (not sick, but a few very minor issues)
10. Not at all happy with my life. I'm extremely disappointed at the lack of [everything] of my life (no stable employment, not educated enough, not financially independent...)
11. lack of financial independence
12. I think that once I find stable employment, I'll be financially independent and everything else will fall into place (I'll have my own home and the much-desired privacy, my own mode of transportation so as to not be reliant on others for my moving around...)
13. I've always been afraid of being homeless on the street (or even in a public shelter).
14. I don't know how to answer that one. As it relates to the dream, perhaps I could relate it to the fact that one of the two men who had sex with me as a child was (or still is) a pastor. I've never had a negative experience with a priest, but I do have trust issues with post-pubescent males in general.
15. I have no "special" activities, but I spend most of my day on the computer, the ipod and watching television.
16. My #1 desire is to land an excellent-paying job that will allow me to move into my own apartment and get a car and live free of my family members who make me so miserable (seeing them no more tan twice a year).

My dream:
I just had a terrible dream. It started out with me being happy that I was finally having the opportunity to go to church again. My mother said that we were going to Saint Boniface. I don’t know which church that is, but I’d heard of it before and the me in the dream was familiar with it. In fact, I was refusing to go to that particular church for some reason. I pleaded with her to go to another church. She said no. She had a wedding to attend afterwards with my great-aunt.  
We went to the church and when the new or visiting priest arrived, I knew there was trouble. First of all, the setting was all wrong for a mass: We were all huddled into four rows – as if it were a freezing winter in an unheated Christian chuhch (intentional misspell for emphasis). Everyone else seemed aware that something “special” was to occur. The place was barely lit (very unlike a Catholic church – especially for a Catholic church).
The priest made his introduction. (I knew that this man could not be trusted.)  He talked about this being a special day and that we were all fortunate to be witness to such an event as today’s.  After all the blah, blah, blahing, he was redressed by some church helpers and made an announcement for me to come forward. I questioned why – since I didn’t trust the man…  I ended up going – by whose prodding? I don’t know.  Next, the priest had come down from the altar and was at the main floor with us peasants.  He said a prayer at me and ordered me to disrobe. “No!” I yelled. “When a priest asks you to do something, you do it!” I heard my mother say not too far from me.  Damnit! I shook my head. There she goes taking someone else’s side again – an evil one, at that! My pants were peeled off for me. The dreaming me laughed at the fact that they’d be disappointed to see that I was neither shaved nor trimmed for their pleasure. What’re they gonna do now?! I closed my eyes and looked away as the priest said a prayer and /or a blessing, poured holy water on my private part and readied himself for entry. Dreamer me saw that he’d gone to some trouble (not really). He had a round gold sticker on his penis.  As he approached, I woke up. I couldn’t just allow a rape happen to me. Not even in a dream. Not even for an interesting/entertaining story to retell.
That priest was the priest from American Horror Story: Asylum. That’s how I knew he was evil. Apparently this was a setup. My mother knew the whole time that I was to be sacrificed for something! As I’m thinking this, I’m thinking not as well. I think that if she knew of this, she’d have me physically prepped beforehand – even without my knowledge (i.e.: guilting me into grooming down there, having me dress dressier to church, etc…).

Thank you Emmanuelle for choosing me to answer your question ...

It was really a terrible dream, which reflects disappointment ... But I would like to ask you a question : are you interested in reading and knowing about other religions like Islam for example, or you are not interested about that?

My best regards


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Unlike amateurs or fans, Dream Interpretation professionals have always believed that it is a complicated process. Dream Interpretation is faraway from and wider than just buying a dream dictionary and matching up its “interpreted” items with dreams incidents. A successful interpretation of a dream requires a certain level of acceptable knowledge and a minimum standard of mental and analytic skills. In addition, Dream Interpretation is not an abstract or isolated practice, but it is influenced, usually, by several intersecting human and environmental factors. When a dream interpreter attempts to solve the hidden message within the showing events of a dream, they may need to dive deep into human mentality and feelings or fly high to review a whole picture of human circumstances and conditions in the meanwhile. Although, I claim that Dream interpretation is a separate and complete science of its own. I also believe that it is built up on a range of different religious, logical, personal and social resources that should work together in harmony to provide with the most accurate, convincing and down-to-earth interpretation of dreams. The method I use in Dream Interpretation process is a mixture of what is religious and what is human in a logic and simple treatment. Although, I have an Islamic background, and I owe the greatest credit for the Traditions and Beliefs of Islam through my professional scientific journey, however, my Dream Interpretations are not exclusive to a specific religious or cultural group. My job is not related by any means to Occultism, Astrology, Horoscopes, Witchcraft, Paganism, Hypnosis, or Parapsychology. If you are searching mainly for psychology, you should not expect too much here. I do not use Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and other Cults as main references. Lucid dreaming and out-of-body experience are excluded as well.

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