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Ok to answer some of your questions first...
I'm 32, female. No children. Moved in with my boyfriend 2 year ago (been together 3). We just bought a house together and it needs total renovation so we have recently moved in with his mum and dad. Generally I'm happy with life. I have a great family and friends whe live about an hour and half away. I am feeling like I have no place to call home due to being at his parents, my boyfriend (is 35) and is lovely, kind and generous. However he does dominate me loads and completely doesn't admit/realise this when I point it out. I have been hugely independent and lived alone since i was 24 (was in university accommodation since 19 years) and also travelled far away alone in my past. My dream probably reflects that I'm feeling lost or something.
Now my dream,
The dream was so real and one of the most vivid I've had in years. But sounds so simple. I opened a can of coke and took a sip, but felt something touch my lip. On looking down I saw bobbing in the cola was a human big toe. I felt sick. I gave the can to my boyfriend and he looked at it, he pulled the toe out and it was definitely a real human toe. I asked him to ring the company and tell them because he will be better than me. The company said we should ring the police.
Why did a severed big toe come into my dream so boldly and memorably?? And is it significant that I gave it to my boyfriend to deal with??

ANSWER: Thank you Helen for choosing me to answer your question ...

I read your message thoroughly ... but i have a question for you before i could provide you with the most possible accurate interpretation.

Do you and your boyfriend plan to have a child (pregnancy) soon? or not?

Please, tell me few details about this point.

My best regards


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello again Jamal!

It is very strange you ask me that question, because we were trying for a baby and I was pregnant in June this year. But sadly we miscarried at 9 weeks! We are now trying again.

What does this mean?

ANSWER: Hi again Helen ... :-)

I feel sorry for your miscarriage ... I hope it was the last one.

I believe that your dream is symbolic and realistic ... It would be analyzed as follows:

1. The human toe is a symbol of the miscarried baby ... the coke can is a symbol of your womb (it didn't carry the baby for a long time as the coke doesn't carry soda for long time)

2. Your boy friend helped you to overcome this difficult problem.

3. calling the company ... you go to the doctor with the help of your boyfriend.

4. The company said we should ring the police ... the doctor tells you that you have to maintain extra medical supervision and control to achieve successful pregnancy.

some of these events might have already happened or will happen in the future.

God willing ... God is the best Knowing

My best wishes


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


It's very surprising that  you asked me about  pregnancy. It definitely is on my mind because we do want to try again and it was a traumatic experience. It is interesting that you see us needing future medical supervision for a successful pregnancy. I hope that's not the case. My brother and his wife have had 2 failed IVF attempts and are now well into perusing adoption. Although they're happy now and looking forwards to the adoption, we all felt the ups and downs of IVF!
Ill let you know if it turns out that I do have assistance, because after the dream it would be very unusual that you predicted this.
Could the dream imply anything else?
Thankyou for getting back to me!!!! I will recomend your service.

Hello Helen ...

God is the only one who knows the future for certain ...

A Dream Interpreter tries to pay the most effort possible, and applies the rules as much accurate as possible.

Dream Interpretation Science is huge and complicated (I write a simplified book about it for dummies now.)

But I can tell you clues to clarify my previous interpretation.

To interpret your dream, I used a rule called "the rule of likes" ... The dream contains symbols that could indicate things that have one or more similar resemblance or quality.

A severed toe in a coke can ... A miscarried child in a womb (both of them are removed parts of the human body ... coke loses soda within and the womb loses a baby within)

The company is responsible for repairing and maintaining any problem with coke cans ... A doctor is responsible for repairing and maintaining human body.

Police is responsible for security/observing/control ... the doctor is responsible for observing/controlling/securing your pregnancy.

A symbolic dream is a private realistic message whose interpretation is influenced by circumstances and conditions of the dreamer's life. For this reason, I always ask dreamers to tell me things about themselves.

I hope this would make sense :-)

I wish you all the best

Thank you very much


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