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Hi there,
I've been researching all about what it means to dream about a black wedding dress until I came to your site. This dream really worries me so I'm hoping someone has an answer :-)

So it was the day of my wedding ( I'm not married but dating a guy for 3 years). Everything was unorganized and I felt like there was much I had wanted to do for the wedding but didn't make time to do it. I tried the dress on for the first time, it fit but I complained that I had ordered white and it was black with a white sheer piece over the bottom part of the dress. The place where the wedding was going to be held seemed like a bar. My mom and sister were there helping me, and my mom bought a bunch of gift certificates from the place for everybody. I did just go through a rough patch with my boyfriend and we broke up for a couple days and got back together. I'm worried I made the wrong decision after having this dream. Thanks for taking the time to interpret my dream!


Seeing black can symbolize many things and they are not all bad. What this dream says to me before I read that you had a minor breakup I will type below as if I did not know about him. :)

In your waking life you have some feelings regarding a relationship or situation that may be negative, you may be having doubts or feeling of rejection. There are some things about the direction your life is taking that have you feeling disappointed and do not measure up to what you believe your life should look like. The dream is also showing that there is an opportunity for a new beginning.

Ok... so back to the recent issue and your fears.

Looking at the dream and knowing about the breakup. I feel the dream is not a message that you made the wrong choice. It is a message that sub-consciously you are still questioning the relationship even though you got back together. And that you may have felt rejected during the breakup and have not fully let go of those feelings.

Send me a f/u question with his name so that I can get a feel for the relationship. If you would like as I also am clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient.

Many Blessings  

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