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For the past two nights I have had very detailed dreams about my papaw. He passed away sept, 23 2013. Both dreams although very different had one thing in common. On his birthday May 09, he gets to come back and see us. I was in the room when he passed I watch him say his last words and fade, I was upset for a long time. But this is strange I have learned to move on with my life, are these dreams telling me I haven't moved on?. The first dream I was at his old house, and he was frying hamburgers. There were characters from a book I recently read there as well protecting us from were wolves. Then the scene changed to me going upstairs and it being a gynecologist office with a shower. In my dream I had very vivid detailed lesbian sex with a Dr and got drunk before the werewolf attacked and papaw went back to his grave. Before he left he said I'll see you next year. The second dream was at his old house as well, I was babysitting my sister and she was watching scary movies,I had a fairy like sprite creature to keep her nightmares away but she vanished when my parents came home with my uncle. My sister was having nightmares now and I was playing with quil which is a dog with porcupine needles he was my papaws before he died. (That part is really bizarre to me) when all of a sudden papaw appears with a big grin and says I told you I'd be back. We all hugged him and talked the dog played with him and my sister was so happy but then it was time for him to go. The Weiner dog quil got upset grew out his quils and stabbed me. But right as papaw was fading into his grave he told him he'd see him again and things got calm and it ended.

Samantha, Thank you so much for providing such detail. These are very powerful dreams and your papaw is a part of trying to reach you with the messages that are in them. I do not believe the dreams are a result of unresolved grief. The dreams represent other things that are going on in your life right now or leading up to the dreams. The dreams are meant to 'wake you up' to what is happening with you in your waking life and its impact on your subconscious and emotions. Let me explain....

The dream(s) suggest that there are some things that you have been trying to come to terms with, things that are not what they seem on the surface. Things that you really do not want to face up to and are trying to escape. There is something in your waking life that has you feeling 'unsatisfied' in some way and you are lacking in self-love and need to nurture the child-within you. The one whom you thought was loyal and protective has broken this trust and your family values have you not wanting to admit defeat and surrender. Also approach this situation with openness because someone may be on the defensive. There also seems to be an element of fear and repressed anger over this situation.

Some of the messages in this dream are for you to embrace who you are and the heritage from which you came. Looking at the relationship with yourself and your role within your family and merging those qualities of male and female together within you. Look at the characteristics of your grandfather and those qualities that you respected in him and allow those qualities to emerge within yourself.

Please follow up with me and let me know if there is a situation in your life that fits within this interpretation. If there is not, then you are watching too many scarey movies. :)

Many Blessings

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