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This isn't the first time where I've experienced very disturbing dreams. I can usually only remember small fragments of my dreams or no memory of it at all. But this dream however seems to stick out in my memory because of how graphic & demented it was. I still can't believe I could dream about something so horrid. But anyways, here's the story....

From what I can remember, it started with me and a bunch of people going on some kind of weird exploration adventure. I can remember things around me resembling rainforests and underground caverns. We kept walking and out of no where it would pan out, (I would be able to see the whole group, from a birds eye view.)

It reminded me of the movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth.

So then it jumped to a point where we walked into some kind of mega giant vivarium that had exotic animals and trees, ponds & rivers with fish. Everything sounds normal but something about it seemed out of this world & a bit eerie. As we kept walking further in we came across an Massive cages that held these enormous birds inside. The birds didn't look like our normal everyday pigeon. These birds stood in a very upright position just glaring. They could've been easily the size of a large school bus when sitting upright. Their massive sizes would've terrified us but they were locked in cages. What stood out to me the most were the bold colors of these birds. Beautiful rainbows of colors everywhere. So as we keep walking through the maze of giant bird cages they somehow got loose and began to chase us. They appeared to be trying to eat us. So we started running...

As we kept running, we somehow ended up outside and there was this free standing cage centered in a field. The cage door was open and someone was calling us to run inside to take cover. This cage we were standing inside of could fit about maybe twenty people inside. The cage itself wasn't completed secured since each bar was spaced out enough for someone to reach inside or a small child could slip out.

This is where is turns really scary, for me anyways..

We were all standing inside the cage when these "things" started slowly coming towards us. These "things" were something out of a horror movie. They seemed to might have been human once and some not so much.
Let me see if I can explain, (from what I remember) there were dismembered bodies half contorted, dragging itself along. Others seemed to have giant swords/knives fused to their arms and bodies. Others had demon faces. Some had mallets with spikes of each corner, Spiked balls at the end of long chains, teeth larger than their face... just horrible horrible things that would scare the living hell out of anyone.

To make things worse one person had been left outside of the cage. When these "things" got to him, they all just began ripping him apart from the head down using their weapons or whatever the had.. My stomach hurts just from remembering the bodies being ripped apart and exploding from how many there were.

So now everyone was inside the cage just trying to keep away from the edges because these monsters were trying to gnaw their way inside. Some would swing their weapons inside the cage hoping to snag one of us and rip us out. Others would bash their heads and bodies against the cage, others would use mallets in attempt to break it.

There was one instant where I standing as far back as I could go trying to keep away from one of them directly in front of me. It was bending the metal bars back in such a way that it seemed to be glad that it was going to get me.

During that time we were all just screaming out of terror & pain. The cage was completely surrounded by these things and we were all pushing each other to avoid getting at arms reach with these things outside.

The rest was a blur... I know people died even though I did not see it but I was still alive after everything.

Sorry if this was too disturbing or demented... I thought the same as well. It sickens my stomach to have dreams so violent and gory but I can't control it. I woke up so sick and sweaty, I had to pray to get myself together.

Hello Belle,

Your dreams sound really scary and awful.  I am sure we can get to the bottom of them though and no need to apologise for them at all!  

Your dream started with you exploring what to me sounded like a beautiful and amazing world.  I wonder, then, whether this dream has something to do with your own personal exploration.  Maybe it is about your own sense of adventure and curiosity.  Perhaps you have been wanting to venture out in the world, past your comfort zone.  Alternatively, it might be about asking questions about yourself and the world around you and discovering answers for yourself, exploring your inner world or spirituality.  For example, if you were getting counselling or therapy at the moment, I could imagine that you would have a dream like this.  

In the beginning, the things you saw were lush and green, rainforest, trees etc.  These sorts of things can represent personal growth. Maybe you are at heart a very passionate person with great spiritual potential???  The variety and beauty of the things you saw on your exploration really say to me that you are a person with great depth and complexity, perhaps much more so than the average person???  The caverns can represent your subconscious or inner world so this might add weight to an inner exploration of what makes you tick, etc.

I would like to acknowlsdge here that you didn't descibe the first part as beautiful but that it seemed normal but felt eerie and weird.  This might suggest that you have some uneasiness about something going on in your current life.  It could be something which seems normal but which you have an uneasy or bad feeling about.

The next part of the dream is interesting in that it featured a strong theme of keeping things contained.  For example, a vivarium is an enclosed space in which to grow plants and animals in order to control their environment.  Also, cages are typically used to imprison something and in your dream, the birds were locked up.  On top of this, there was the cage where you took cover from the horible creatures.  So this time, the cage was there to keep you safe, although it did not do a very good job.  It is interesting because with the cages and vivarium, the vivarium was first used to allow growth, but also to contain it within an area, the cages where the birds were being kept where used to restrict the freedom of the birds, and then, the final cage was there in an attempt to protect you from the horrible creatures.  So there is a definite theme there of containment, restiction and barriers.  This is very likely to relate to something going on in your waking life.  My feeling is that you have been living in a world of containment, restriction and barriers, either of an emotional or physical nature.  This way of being may have become something which you are acustomed too.  Perhaps these barriers have been challenged recently and this has taken you out of your comfort zone???

Regarding the birds, often things to do with the air and flying (including birds) represent spiritual matters.  Birds can often be seen as messengers in dreams.  So having these birds in cages, and the fact that they were so big and manacing, might be saying that something about your spirituality or your emotional passionate side is too big, too overwhelming, to be allowed free reign.  However, as these birds did escape and get free, could be about these feelings becoming difficult to keep under control.  And because you ran away from these birds could be about avoiding facing up to some issue due to some fear or anxiety.  The colours in the birds was also really interesting.  It was much like the rainforrest analogy perhaps symbolising the broad spectrum and complexity of yourself or your life.  Different colours can also represent different emotional states so the colours might also represent the broad spectrum of your emotions.  Something which can be both very beautiful, but also very overwhelming and scary.   

The final part of the dream where you took cover in the cage with the others while the horrible creatures tried to get at you...  I can't help thinking this is about your own personal boundaries and trying to keep safe and stay safe, but not feeling safe enough.  For example, the cage was a place where you took cover to be safe from the creatures, but it was not secure enough.  The creatures were still able to get through the bars to some extent.  You were also surrounded by the creatures with no means of escape.  So if there has been a situation lately (or perhaps even in the past) were you feel or felt that your personal boundaries were violated or someone crossed a line with you, then this is sure to be at least partly what the dream is about. Maybe in this instance you did feel some protection, but it wasn't enough protection.  You were still exposed and vulnerable to horrible things.  In addition, you were surrounded by the creatures with no means of escape.  You were under attack from all sides. So if you have felt that people are coming in on you without giving you a means of "escape" or space to do things at your own pace, or not giving you the option to say no to something, this is very likely to be what the dream is about.  I wonder if this is stemming from something from your past because you said the creatures looked like they had once been human.  Eg, they had been human once IN THE PAST.

in general, the dream shows that there has been a great deal of control and restriction in your life.  Whether this is coming from your own need to avoid certain situations, topics or issues, or whether this has been imposed on you from other people, or maybe a combination of the two, is not clear to me from the dream but this might be something for you to think about.  Although you were exploring your surroundings (albiet in a controlled environment - eg the vivarium) you still feel the need for strong barriers in order to feel safe.  When those barriers broke down, eg when the birds escaped and the monsters came, you became very fearful.  

Another aspect that came out was the helplessness that you felt in the dream.  Fighting back just did not seem like an option.  The only means of protection was further restiction and barriers and retreating into a smaller and smaller space.  Is there any part of your life that you feel is just too scary/upsetting/confronting/overwhelming to deal with?  If so, then this is really going to be at the heart of the meaning of this dream.

If any of this rings true for you, then there are two major long term areas you might wish to work toward.  One is to gain in self confidence and assertiveness.  This way, you can express your feelings and needs clearly to those around you rather than avoiding certain interactions with them (if that makes sense). Communicating your feelings to those around you will really help them understand where you are coming from.  It will help them understand where your personal boundaries are and how it feels to you to have those boundaries crossed. By becoming more confident within yourself, you will feel less of a need to put up barriers and restrict yourself.  Try being mindful of what your inner voice is saying to you.  Get in the habit of saying supportive and positive things to and about yourself.

Secondly, if there are issues which are causing your fears, whether they be things from your past or recent past, or if it is something coming from within yourself, it would be a really good idea to work through these issues with someone, perhaps a counsellor or therapist.  Don't just settle for the first professional you come across either if you don't feel entirely comfortable with them.  It is clear to me that you in particular really need to find someone who will respect your personal boundaries and who will have the patience to work through things at your pace.  Not try to rush the process.  For example, rather than delving straight into your past, working first on gaining in your self confidence might give you the courage to then confront your inner demons.

Well those are my thoughts on your dreams.  I really hope this has helped in some way.  If it doesn't seem to fit, please let me know.  I am sure we can work it out and therefore help to reduce the intensity of these horrific nightmares.  There were quite a few things that I didn't address in your dream, eg, the people whom you were with are likely to also represent some aspect of yourself or your life, depending on who they were, their personalities and how they compared with your own.  So if I missed something you really wanted me to comment on, please let me know.   Otherwise, free to send a follow-up question or comment.  I would really like to hear back from you.

In the meantime, be kind to yourself.

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