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Dream Interpretation/Dream about my son falling


Hi There

I keep having the same recurring dream with just minor changes...
I have two sons ages 4.5 & 2 and i keep dreaming that im on a high building or ledge..etc and my husbands attention wanders and my youngest runs towards to the edge...Before i can get to him he runs off the edge and i watch him fall and stream but just before he hits the ground i wake up numb..

Its so disturbing and leaves me shaken for days..
please help me understand why i keep thinking these kind of thought's..

Natalie thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work with you on your dreams.

I want to assure you first that this dream has nothing to do with your children or any harm coming to your children. This I need to let you know first.

The dream is about how you feel about an aspect of your relationship with your husband. You have some repressed feelings of unfulfilled desires. The dream tells me that you are struggling managing a lot of responsibilities and sometimes feel like your husband does 'not pull his weight' with those responsibilities. You tend to overfixate on minor details on the things that he does not do, but you do not share with him that you are feeling overwhelmed.

====side note to you. In having a conversation with someone when you are feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities it is important not to blame the other for how you are feeling or else there will be a fight for sure.

Please send a f/u question if this does not make sense to you.

Sweet Dreams and hug those little one they sure are cute. :)

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