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QUESTION: I dreamt that my crush entered my
classroom, he called three persons, and i'm
included in the three persons that he called,
i'm second in three persons that he called.
When i went to him, he suddenly hugged
me tightly and he suddenly holding my
hands, and i shocked abour why he hugged me,  after 5 minutes he went away from
me after hugged me. Thank you.

ANSWER: Hello Ms Kristine,

Thank you for sending me your dream.

Dreams about people are often a bit tricky to interpret because they can mean a few things.  Sometimes the dream is about our relationship with that person.  but sometimes, the person in our dream represents some aspect of ourselves.  It seems odd that this would happen in a dream.  However, it would be difficult for your dreamself to get across a message about one specific part of you, say your outgoing and friendly side, or your desire to be outgoing and friendly, without using someone else as a symbol.  In such a case, your dream self might use someone you know who is well known for being outgoing and friendly just to make it  obvious.  

Dreams about crushes are often a little bit like this.  We have a crush on someone because we like them.  We admire them, and perhaps we even want to be more like them ourselves.  So to find out what your crush symbolises to you, ask yourelf, how would you describe him?  What do you admire about him?  How is he different and how is he similar to yourself?  Often when we like someone, a little bit of their personality rubs off on us.  When your crush called you over and hugged you, this might  be symbolic of you becoming a little bit more like him in some way.  For example, lets just suppose that you admire him because he is kind and considerate.  Him hugging you in the dream, then, might be saying that after watching him interact with people, you have also become more kind and considerate.  Hence, the hug would symbolise intergration.  Your personality integrating more with his.  Of course it might not be about becoming more kind, there might be something else you admire about him.  So just substitute that thing for my "kind and considerate" example and see if that seems to fit with your experience.

In your dream, you were the second person called up.  Do you remember who the other 2 people were?  They might also be symbolic of some aspect of yourself or of your life.  Ask yourself similar questions of these two people (even if you don't know them in real life, it is often clear what personalities our dream characters have.)  Eg, how would you describe them?  What do you like and what do you dislike about them?  And how are they similar or different to yourself?  Just as a curiosity, was there anything opposite about these two girls?  For example, is one shy and one outgoing?  Is one kind and one mean?  Anything like that?  Often dreams will work with opposites as a way of saying that there is some balance needed in this aspect of your life.  If this opposites theory seems to fit, then since you were the second girl, and you were inbetween these two others, then it might be saying that you have found harmony with this aspect of your life.  Just a thought and not exactly sure if this theory will fit or not.  Were you the only one who was hugged by your crush?  Or were all the girls hugged?  If the former, then this would add weight to this theory.

On the other hand though, you being the second girl called up might also have something to do with what you literally observe in real life.  Perhaps the first girl would be his first choice and the second (you) would be his second choice?  

All in all though, I think this dream is a really good one and it shows that you certainly are a person of value (and one worth huggung!  Lol)  Interestingly, you were shocked that he called you up and hugged you like he did.  Perhaps you are underestimating yourself just a little????   Maybe you are more highly sort after by the opposite sex than what you think???  You could definitely do with a little more confidence so make sure you say encouraging things to yourself rather than telling yourself you can't or shouldn't when you really want to do something or say something.   

It is also clear that you really like this guy.  Whether or not those feelings are reciprocated (it is difficult to tell due to the symbolic as opposed to literal nature of dreams) it is ok to let him know how you feel.  You don't have to get all serious about it.  You could start by telling him what you admire about him (refer to the questions above.).  for example, in the course of a conversation, if the topic arises, you could say, "I really liked how you were kind to person X" or "I admire how outgoing and friendly you are" or what ever the case may be.  Think of it as practice.  We all need to learn how to talk and interact with potential suitors so why not start now?  Practice makes perfect!  And it would be nice to have a few skills under our belt for when that true person of our dreams, your true soulmate, comes along.  Don't you think?

The best advice I can give to you, is to aim to become your crush's friend (that is if you aren't already).  Don't specifically aim to be his girlfriend.  Afterall, the true connections we make with people are not the physical ones, but they are the connections we make between one soul and another.  That is the true meaning of intimacy.  True friendships also last longer than physical relationships so there's that aspect to think of too.

Well those are my thoughts on your dream.  I hope it was helpful.  Let me know what you think or whether you have any other questions.  I would only be too glad to help further if needed.

In the mean time, take it easy and good luck!!!  :-)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The other 2 people  is from our classroom, the 2 people he called is i don't know them in real life. When he called the 2 persons, they approached him. I'm the only one who was hugged by my crush.

If the other 2 people are not real people that you know in real life, then that would add weight to this dream being symbolic and that your crush symbolises some aspect of your self, your life, your thoughts or your wishes, etc, rather than it being about him.  Also, as long as your recall of the dream is still clear, you might still be able to determine the personalities of the 2 other girls to help you figure out what aspect of yourself they represent.  

If you were the only one being hugged, I think this is a good sign that you are on the right track and that you are finding balance in some aspect of your life (the particular aspect would be determined mainly by what you admire about your crush, and also to some degree, the kind of personalities the other 2 girls had.)

I hope the other parts of my interpretation were helpful!


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