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I hope you can help me figure this out. I dreamed two pirates, one dressed up in blue, and another in red. They were dressed elegantly, as if they were captains, not mere pirates. Then they started fighting, shooting at each other, but when they were shot, instead of getting hurt, a part of their outfit would be blown off, and as it fell apart it would reveal things such as wooden legs, hooks as hands, etc, which were not noticeable before. By the time the fight ended (the red pirate killed the blue one), both pirates were on the floor and looking pretty pitiful.

Hope Im not abusing by submitting another dream (I have weird dreams almost every night).
I dreamed (this was before the pirate dream) that I was in a sort of zoo, hiding from something. The zoo was closed and I wasnīt supossed to be there. Then I noticed the zoo was abnormally big; the building, the fences, etc, it was all giant, and then I saw behind a fence some eagles on the ground who were taller and much bigger than me. I was scared and hid so the eagles wouldnīt see me, but then when I got close to a fence, a giant lion leaped at it roaring. I got away, but then saw a giant gorilla was climbing its fence and about to escape its enclosure, and I assumed it was out to get me too.
The interesting part is that I often times dream of giant lions and/or gorillas escaping, and a couple times the gorillas have actually caught up with me, but they never hurt me; they only scare me. I've never been caught by the lions.

Im curious to know your interpreation. Thanks! :>

ANSWER: These dreams are related and signify a feeling of being caged in. There is something that you hide and you fear being found out at times. You take a lot of risks in your waking life enjoy the adrenaline rush of the adventure but in the back of your mind you are always a bit concerned of being found out. There is a situation in your waking life that you are not facing up to and there have been fights with another where emotions become quite sharp. You have never been caught but the guilt eats away and causes others to be suspicious at times.

You enjoy freedom and pride yourself on the perceived freedom that you create through the risks that you take. The adventure is everything to you.

** Until you face the situation head on you will continue to dream

Many blessings

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


Thanks a lot for your interpretation. I guess I do feel caged in.

I had another dream last night. I donīt know if it has a meaning but it was rather unusual for me, as it didnīt include any large dangerous fauna...

I was in the mall and I had money to spend so I decided to get a haircut. (I have rather long shaggy hair right now). I asked the guy to cut my hair and I noticed he didnīt really want to do it, but I thought, I'm paying him good money, there's no reason why he shouldnīt. So he cuts my hair and looks good at first, but then when I get up and look at myself in a mirror, I see that he has somehow drawn on my face with a permanent marker just to make me look ridiculous. I'm very angry and grab him by the neck, and I demand to know why he did it and to be given my money back.

What do you think?

I love dreams, thank you for the opportunity to read and work with another of your dreams J.

This dream is consistent with the other dreams even though the 'large dangerous fauna' were not present. Here is why

Being at the mall represents a sense of wanting to establish a sense of identity for your self and independence. Where the haircut tells me that there are feelings you have of being censored (not trusted, questioned, criticized). In your waking life you are considering a drastic change but fear retribution and disapproval from someone. Again that feeling of being caged-in.

The dreams are telling you that only YOU can make these changes and let yourself out of the cage.

Happy Dreaming.

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