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I had a very vivid dream: Me and my friend Sherry (co-realtor)were on a large boat docked in boat slip. The water and weather was really rough. Their were large inflated pillows on sides of the boat that we started crawling and pulling ourselves toward the front of boat.  It was hard stuggle but we both made it to front of dock and got off boat. The next thing I Knew I was back in boat my friend looking at me on the dock. I noticed the inflated pillows were flat and boat was much lower in water. I heard my friend scream OH NO and a huge wave came in and flipped the boat upside down and while It was upside down i pushed myself out into the air away from boat so I would not get trapped under it and while I was in the air I woke up. This dream has bothered me and was wandering if  you could help me with the  meaning
Thanks Michelle Scribner

Dear Michelle,

Dreams have many purposes, but all are meant to communicate something to us that we are unable or unwilling to receive through the course of our waking cognition.  The fact that the parties and placement there involved are otherwise familiar to you suggests that there is nothing supranatural in its composition. This dream seems to speak to you from within; from the realm that many would call our “subconscious”.

The dream presents you in a position of venerability, one that you may feel, but have denied to acknowledge in the superficial sense. Your coworker figuring prominently could indicate that you are concerned about your security in the workplace. Her looking on from a position of safety as you face the most dire situation alone might indicate that you realize the support of you by your trusted colleagues, in any endangerment, would be limited to that of a moral nature; they taking no risks to tangibly assist you.

When at the realty office, make note of any emotions that the presence of others evoke in you. This may amplify and expound the meaning of the dream.

Peace and Circumspection,


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