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Every time a start a new school year I always have a dream about me dating some guy and surprising enough it turns out I actually like him!
In 6th grade I had a dream about me kissing a caramel guy and when I went to school the very first day I liked him
In 7th I had the same dream but it turned out that I didn't really like him as much anymore but he liked me
In 8th grade I had a dream about the Same guy. I can't really recall the dream as it happened but it turned out we weren't really into each other anymore (which was proved to be true)
But since I moved from that school and started 8th grade at another school I had another dream with a different guy except this it looked like we had a fight or something like that and at the end of the dream we made up but before hand I already saw the guy  in real life
I like having dreams like this because there fun to investigate but the suspense is killing me I need a dream expert

Hi Rochelle,

I would love to help you but there is not enough detail about the dream to do a proper interpretation. For instance you do not tell me anything about the surroundings in the dream, where you were, what you were doing, details truly matter.

However, for this new 8th grade/new school dream: The fight in the dream would represent and inner turmoil within yourself. You had already seen this boy in real life and had already on a subconscious level had some interest for him to show up in your dream. The inner turmoil could have been questioning yourself on the interest or not. In the dream you decided the interest was there.

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