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QUESTION: I am a model, designer, and have done some acting in the past and lately a lot of doors and amazing opportunities have opened up for me. I have been going on to big important interviews and have one big one next Tuesday that I am preparing but I had a very important dream and a lot of them have messages about my future or even some of them have came true!

"I had a very powerful dream last night and having a little tough time putting my finger on it. In my dream I recieved a very important phone call from a woman who appears to be a powerful elite in the entertainment industry/movie. I was at my current position at the office that pays poorly and not liking very much. This woman was looking through my portfolio/resume and says,"I hardly do this or rarely contact anyone but your resume caught my attention. I wanted to let you know that you are a rising star." Interesting...

ANSWER: Alison,

This dream represents telephathic communication with your subconscious self. You are right the dream is sending you a message. If you had not told me that you had an upcoming interview I would tell you that the dream is a message to search for other employment that would allow you to highlight your individuality, 'stand out' so to speak. But sinse you told me that you already have an interview lined up, the message is to 'be your true self' do not try to put on a false front in an effort to mold yourself into what you believe they want to see, but instead 'stand out' by being your unique self. Show them your own unique personality and versatility.

Best of luck to you, feels very exciting. :)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I get a lot of interviews just waiting for my big break is all. It has been a long struggling path for me.

ANSWER: The dream indicates that on a deep level you feel you deserve the big break, that is the first step in achieving it. But change the language, it will manifest it faster for you. I think what you need most is lessons in manifesting. You have the ambition and the self-esteem so lets get you there. What you say, think, see, everything needs to be consistent in order to manifest this reality for you.

You said "just waiting for my big break"  "it has been a long struggling path".. Ok look at these statements... waiting instead of acting, and it has been is in the past. Lets bring you forward and propel you..

The road I have paved is getting me to my dream. I am on target to achieve stardom, etc.

Tell me your birthday so I can calculate your personal year using numerology. It may give you some insight on what your personal year for this year is. But only if you want to. :)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: You are absolutely right. I act on it every day. I always keep moving forward no matter what and planting seeds.
My birthdate is 3/16/1985
I also feel like I can't settle down into a relationship because of my job status, since wall street crashed there has been no more entry level jobs and the competition is cut throat. I am fortunate that I am getting a lot of interviews but I am worthy, capable and good enough to hold a very large important position that pays excellent. I plan on opening a couple of corporations someday in the future. I am just trying to get onto the next level in my life/career. Hoping my relationships will improve as well.
Thank you so much for the insight and help! Looking forward to hearing the results. :)

I just typed an extremely long answer to you and it did not go and it is gone. :( But I had a mistake so it is good I had to start over.

Ok Numerology. You are still in your 8 cycle year. They run birthday to birthday. Here is a brief breakdown of each cycle then I will explain where you are and how best to work the numbers in your favor.

8 cycle - material gain, accomplishments
9 cycle - getting rid of things you do not need, completion
1 cycle - new beginnings, new ventures
2 cycle - relationships of all kinds, family, social, personal business
3 cycle - creative expression
4 cycle - discipline and opportunites
5 cycle - Expansion and freedom, Expression
6 cycle - home, family, domestic relations
7 cycle - reflection and inner work

You have until your birthday in your 8 cycle, time to find that big break. If you work within the cycles life is easier, things come easier. If you work against the cycle the numbers are against you therefore there is more struggle. Make sense? There is no difficulty with relationship with your career if you find the right person. I do a lot of different types of work. There is a red haired woman that I feel will become a mentor to you in some way and help you with your career.

When your birthday comes around in March, if you get rid of things you do not need, old clothes, anything you do not need, old thoughts, new things will come into your life to take their place.  I hope this helps in some way. If you dream, please send the dreams along. Dreams are my passion. :)

Best of luck on your upcoming interview

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