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Firstly, thank you for this amazing service!  

I usually have very vivid, emotional dreams.  This is not rare to me, however, the other night, I had been assisting colleagues as I was on my way to work (I am a flight attendant).  There was an incident that we were very lucky to have only minor injuries to passengers.  Regardless, I had been awake for approx. 24 hours, minimal 2hr sleep, then up and at it again.  My next sleep was a fabulous 12 hours which resulted in a very real dream of my right hand.  I remember staring down at this hand and seeing I was missing the last sections of my thumb, forefinger. And pinky finger.  I remember my husband expressing displeasure but I felt ok with this, peaceful almost, that these were merely fingers and I was able to get by with what I had, stubs.
The very next day, while at work, I was handing a male passenger a napkin.  He reached up to take it with his hand that was missing the same fingers!  I was briefly shocked.  I don't understand if this would be connected or why.  Please share any insight you might have.  Thank you!!

Hi there Angie,
Thank you for describing this as an excellent service!  I am very flattered!!! I am very sorry for taking so long to respond to you so I hope you haven't changed your mind about how excellent the service is :(

The phenomenon that you experienced, where you dreamed of missing fingers and then saw those missing fingers on a man the next day or so, is not an uncommon one!  I have experienced a similar thing when I was much younger and at the time I remember thinking, if I am going to dream of the future, why would it be of something so seemingly trivial?  My dream was of a specific paint splattered pair of boots!  And at the time, the only way I could make sense of it was to think that no matter how meaningless this vision of the future might seem, it was definitely a vision of the future. I had now experienced it and now knew for a fact, that seeing into the future was possible.  This is something you now know for a fact as well!  There is more to life and world than we currently understand.

I say "currently" understand because I believe there is a perfectly logical explanation for these incidences, its just that science hasn't figured it out yet.  It is all stemming from our very strongly held cultural beliefs about time.  When you think about it, time is just a concept.  It is not necessarily real - it is just our way of understanding and explaining how things change, how the sun rises, how we grow older.  Hence, the clock was invented as a way to measure time.  It is assumed that time is linear, and moves in a straight line so to speak.  This is a very difficult belief to shake, much like that old belief that the world was flat.  Anyone who suggested otherwise was thought of like a crazy person.  Of course now we know that all those crazies were right!

There are scientists who believe that time is not linear.  Einstein's theory of relativity is one example.

There is a book you might be interested in by JW Dunne called "an experiment with time" which was written in 1927.  The author of this book was also in the habit of dreaming about the future in these kind of ways.  Being a scientist himself, he set about trying to find a logical explanation for it.  He theorised that dreaming about the future was something that everyone did - but that most people either didn't remember their dreams or just didn't make the connection. He thought that time existed all at once but that this could not be perceived by our conscious minds, but to some extent, it could by our unconscious minds while dreaming.  Here is a link to the wikipeadia page if you are interested in this idea.


Having said all that, dreams tend to use our experiences, whether from the past or future, to make sense of what we are thinking and feeling in our current life.  Your dreamself has used the future image of the man's missing fingers to illustrate something to you.

In your dream, you had missing fingers, but you felt OK with it and at peace with the fact that they were just fingers and you could handle that.  Almost as if you felt that it could have been worse.  If anything were to go wrong, missing fingers was a pretty minor thing to deal with.  In contrast to this, your husband was not happy at all about the missing fingers.

So in real life, it might relate to a situation where something has gone wrong, and your view on it is that "well it could have been worse!" And things didn't work out too bad considering.  Your husband might have been very unhappy with the situation, focusing on the mistakes that were made rather than looking on the bright side.  It should be noted here though, that sometimes your husband can actually represent an aspect of yourself and his appearance in your dream might not be about his response to a situation, but an aspect of your own personality which is most like your husband's.  For example, it could represent your own pessimistic side being unhappy with the riskiness of a situation, but that overall, you have chosen to focus on the positives (if you feel that your husband is more cautious or pessimistic than youself).  This is just an example to give you an idea.

So putting all this together, you said that the day before the dream, there was an incident at work and you were all lucky that no passengers where hurt. The dream could have been about this incident.  For example:- did you tell your husband about this incident?  Was he unhappy that something had gone wrong?  Perhaps he focused on what had gone wrong during the incident rather than focusing on the fact that everything was fine in the end.  In contrast, you might have focused on the outcome, that everything was fine and you could live with, or were at peace, with the imperfection of the incident.  

While things might not have progressed in a perfect way that day, you were happy with the fact that everyone pulled together and sorted things out.  You might now be feeling quite comforted by the fact that while accidents happen and things do go wrong from time to time, you now know for a fact that you will be able to cope with and deal with any situation life throws at you in the future.  You've just proven to yourself by going through that incident at work the other day, that you can get through it and everything will be alright.

Well those are my thoughts on your dream. I would be very interested in any ideas or comments you might have about it.  It is a very interesting phenomenon!!!!  If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to send a follow-up question.

Again I am very very sorry about how long it took me to respond.  Please accept my sincere apologies.

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