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My husband told me about a dream he had last night.
He had a dream that I was planning to commit suicide.  He said that I had a whole plan laid out, I went over it with him, I told him what I needed him to do in regards to my remains, the will etc.  He doesn't think my three year old was in the dream at the time.
He said that he was upset and told me how much people depended on me and how important I was to everyone.  He convinced me not to kill myself.  then he woke up.
Important to know, we've been going through a bit of a rough patch.  He lost his job 2 years ago, I work and have been able to maintain but money is really really tight now.

Hey there Anna,

I wonder if your husband is worried that you are planning to leave him???  It is clear that he really doesn't want to split up and that he needs you.

In waking life, a death is the end of a life.  So in a dream, a death usually symbolises an end of something- the end of some aspect of your life.  If, in a dream, someone is planning to suicide, then it can symbolise that that person is initiating the ending of some phase of their life.  More often than not, that ending is to do with ending or a relationship or the dynamic in that relationship changing in some way.  In your husband's dream, it was you who was making plans to suicide, so this might be symbolising that you could be (or at least your husband thinks you could be) making plans to end your relationship with him.    

Having said all that, it might not be as dramatic as all that, it might be more to do with your traditional role in the family / relationship ending and changing into something else.  In the dream, you had a whole plan laid out.  So maybe in waking life, you have laid it on the line with him and told him that if he is going to be at home without a job, he needs to get certain things done around the house that maybe you used to do, in order to help out!! Given that you did have a big plan in the dream and that you told him what you wanted done with your remains, I am thinking that this has a lot to do with it!!  Obviously this little talk has frightened the hell out of him!!!  He might be worried that this change in roles, after he lost his job, might become a permanent arrangement.

In the dream, your husband convinced you not to go ahead with the suicide, so this is saying that he might have talked you out of either breaking up with him, or he has talked you out of making him do more around the house.  He is not ready to let go of that part of you just yet!!

Something worth noting is that in the dream, he was upset and told you how much people depended on you and how important you were to everyone.  I think this is his way of saying that he really does appreciate everything you do for the family, and in times of struggle, this is something worth remembering and holding on to.  You are definitely appreciated by him!!!!

It can be really really hard when someone loses their job.  For many men, this is almost like Samson losing his hair. As if their very identity and masculinity is tied up in them having a job.  When that is taken away, it is difficult for them to fill that role in another way.  

Without letting him off the hook entirely with the housework, your husband might need to gain a little more control in his life and feel that he is contributing in a way that is more in line with his masculine identity.  Step one is him getting out of the house.  As well as looking for work (which can be very depressing when you've been out of work for 2 years) he might like to consider doing some volunteer work or joining a community organisation which aligns with his interests and skills.  It is really important for him to feel useful OUTSIDE the family home - not just in the home.  Making a plan for the future can also really help - something which he can gain control of.  For example, making a plan to start an online business or taking on further study, or even setting up a budget plan for the family could help.  

Also, I know this is something he might scoff at, but taking a trip to the doctor if he is feeling anxious or down or lacking in motivation can also really help.  There is so much that can be done for these problems there really is no need to suffer in silence.  Motivation can be badly effected by anxiety and depression so talking to his doctor is something he should seriously consider if this is a problem for him.

Finally, keep the faith.  Two years does seem like a long time and you might both be losing hope that he will ever find another job.  But it won't be forever.  Things will turn around for you both sooner or later.  Things might be really really tough right now but you will survive, you will prevail and you will come out of this at the other end.

Well those are my thoughts on your husband's dream.  Hope it was helpful in some way.  Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments.  I am only too happy to help further if needed.  In the meantime, take it easy and hang in there.

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