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I keep having this reoccurring dream that I'm not able to get home. I'm usually leaving from a place that wasn't important enough for me to remember after I wake up. In the dream I always take public transit, hopping on the bus or subway and I always end up going the wrong way. I'm always in a place i can't recognize and all the people around me are strangers or if I'm with someone I know, they usually end up disappearing. I have been having this dream for years and they have become a lot more frequent lately. I'm not sure if this matters, but I suffer from depression. I use to be socially awkward so I have no friends, and no job which I feel has put my life on hold.

Hi there Sarah,

In waking life, home is a place where you can feel comfortable and at ease.  It is a place that is your own and you can express yourself in your surroundings.  So in a dream, a home represents your own self and inner world and how you feel about your life.  So if in a dream, you are trying to get home, but keep going the wrong way or can't get there for whatever reason, this is saying that you really want somehere to feel comfortable and be yourself and feel at ease, but you are finding this very difficult.  Having strangers around you all the time during the dream is suggesting that you are having a lot of trouble relating to people and finding your little niche friendship group.

So the fact that you suffer with depression and don't have many friends makes total sense.  Depression can really take the enjoyment and contentment out of life.

There are some clues in these dreams that might really help shed some light on how to get your life on track again.  Firstly, you said that you always take public transport and this is when you end up going the wrong way!  In real life, public transport takes the same path day after day, and lots of people, usually the same people, will travel this same route everyday.  So in a dream public transport can represent your life  path or life journey and that you are travelling down that same path that those around you are travelling.  Your current life's journey is not your own individual journey, but is a copy of the people around you.  For instance, if you are studying for a particular career because that's what you think people want you to do, or if you are working in a job that you hate but are doing it just because everyone else is doing it and you can't imagine breaking away and doing your own thing, then this would really explain the dream and perhaps it might even shed some light on why you are feelng the way you do.

Clearly, you are not like the average person, so you need to find your own path in life that suits you.  The good news about this dream is that even though you can't find your way home, you are still looking and trying hard to get home.  Without knowing the specifics about the dreams, from what you've told me there is good news in these dreams.  Please note though that you have just given me general information so I am just going on this - and remember that if you've left bits out of a dream, it can be difficult to interpret because sometimes the left out bits can be very important indeed.  Anyway, now that I've added that little disclaimer, from what you have told me there is good news in that in the dreams you don't appear to give up looking for your home, you keep looking!  So in real life, even though you do suffer with depression, you still have the ability to keep going in life.  You haven't fallen in a heap and given up - you are still battling away.  

If this interpretation rings true for you, then don't despair, all is not lost.  You will find your path in life, you will find contentment and security and happiness.  It's just that you might be looking in the wrong place!  Have a think about what you really like doing and who you really are.  Sometimes it can be difficult to know who you really are so it might be easier to work it out in reference to those around you.  Ask yourself, how are you different from those around you?  How are your values different from theirs?  What is it about the things they do that makes it hard for you to relate?  Now that you have those statements together, reword them so that they describe you directly.  For example, your original statement might say something like: I am different because the people around me don't like animals.  Then you can change the statement to be directly about you by saying, "I like animals".  (Note this is just an example.)

Also, think back into your past, perhaps before you had depression, what did you really enjoy doing back then?  What were you passionate about?  Now what do you need to do to get closer to where you want to be?  Where would you find people with similar values, likes and dislikes to your own?  Think about volunteer organisations, community groups, and courses you could undertake to get you closer to people similar to yourself.

It takes time to make new friends and it does take efffort and it is doubly difficult with depression because it can really take the enthusiasm and drive out of you.  But don't give up!  Make a plan and really stick to it.  You have to really make yourself keep going and keep trying.  I'm not saying you should immediately quit what you are doing now.  This change needs to be a gradual thing.  Eg, don't go quitting a job before you get new one for instance!!

Also, sometimes we don't realise that people around us actually do undertand us more than we realise.  Think about the family and friends that you do know and think about who you relate to the most or who you are closest to.  It might be worth sharing your plans with that person so they can help keep you on track when you are feeling down and overly negative.  

Well those are my thoughts on your dreams.  If you want to send me one specific dream you had, that might really help as well because sometimes you can really miss out on some great insights if you only talk about your dreams in general terms.  Please let me know if you have any more questions about the dream or if something wasn't clear or didn't seem to fit with your life.  I would be more than happy to help further and would love to hear any comments or feedback you might have.  

In the meantine, take care of yourself and be kind to yourself!  I know you will find a place you can call home in your dreams and in your eaking life!  All the very best to you.

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