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Hello chook

Had a weird dream last night hope you can help me in figuring it out.  I had a dream I was carrying a burlap type bag a big one over my shoulder and came upon a flooded out sewer drain on the side of the road.  There was a lot of water and mud and I kept trying to walk over to the deepest section but had a lot of trouble and kept losing my footing and falling down into the water it was about waste high.  I felt a intense need to reach the deep water of the overflow which was deep and kept getting back up because I felt I had to finish what I was doing.  When I finally reached the deep part of the water I released 4 little goldfish type fish out of my bag.  Im pretty sure there were more fish in my bag but I only wanted to release 4.  After I released them I lost my footing again and went under the water and the 4 fish swam up to me and were staring at me.  I got back up out of the water and my leg and foot were last to get out and as I pulled my last leg out of the water a snake swam over my foot and disappeared into the water and it scared me.

Hi Gemma,

That is quite an interesting dream!  One thing I wasn't quite sure about, was the water at the side of the road actually contain sewerage?  You said it was a sewer at the side of the road, but from your description, it sounded more like a storm water drain.  There might be a slightly different meaning if it were sewerage because releasing fish into sewerage wouldn't be a terribly good thing, but releasing them into relatively clean storm water (even if it had a bit of mud) wouldn't be so bad.  I will just interpret the dream as if it were storm water without sewerage.

In the dream, it started off with you walking down a road with the water running next to it and you had the big burlap bag on your back.  The bag itself might symbolise some kind of responsibility or burden you have been carrying around with you I would think - given that it was made of burlap. It wasn't a particularly glamorous bag!  To jump ahead a little, this burden might be to do with needing to finish something (as you had that strong need to finish something) and relinquishing control of something or someone (because later in the dream, you released those fish from your bag).  Walking down a road in a dream is often to do with your direction or journey in life - and where your life is headed.  Water, also, is generally about emotional issues and running water can symbolise your emotional journey through life.  This burden you have been carrying might be taking an emotional toll on your life.  

It is clear from your dream that you have been dealing with some overwhelming emotional issues along the way.  The flooded drain with muddy waters is really saying that you've had a lot to deal with - too much at times I would think. And yet, in the dream, you were so determined to press on and find deeper water.  This to me shows a real strength of character on your part.  You are willing to put your self at risk in order to get to the heart of the matter.  The deeper water is most likely to represent deeper emotions, deeper meaning or deeper thinking in what you are doing and how you are doing it.  You needed to get to the deepest water, eg, the deepest part of the issue or situation at hand, before you could have completion.

If there is something in your life which you feel a deep emotional responsibility toward, and which this sense of responsibility has been really difficult for you and you know you have to let it go, but you don't want to leave things up in the air, you want to leave things in the best possible shape (even if that is not exactly perfect) then this is sure to be what the dream is about. I'm not exactly sure what this burden is, it could have something to do with your work or career and having to let go of some project which has been very dear to you, it could be a social relationship or family issue that you have felt responsible for but now need to loosen the reigns a little.  I'm not exactly sure, but have a think about it.   

Interestingly, there were 4 fish that you released, but there were more in the bag!  So you have released some aspect of your responsibility, but there are still more to carry.  Numbers in dreams are often very specific and can help to pinpoint what the dreams are about.  Are there 4 projects you've had to pass on, or perhaps the four represents 4 people you've had to release or let go or say goodbye to?  Sometimes numbers can represent time too.  So think back four years or four months.  Did anything start in your life back then that you are now having to let go?  I really think though, that because you were carrying the bag on your back, and because there were so many fish in the bag, I think this must have something to do with your work rather than any personal relationships, although it looks like relationships (of an emotional kind) are a big part of this work somehow.  (Are you a counsellor or psychologist or something along those lines by any chance?)  Also, because fish swim in the water, they represent emotional beings.  Perhaps, after your help, these beings have become well equipt to deal with the emotional ups and downs of life?  (Because fish can swm, and they were "gold" fish.)

Whether or not this dream is about your work or personal life, I get the sense that you really need to take a break from it (whatever is bothering you) for your own health and wellbeing.  Perhaps you find that difficult because you just don't want to let people down or leave things left unfinished?  Be careful though that you are not totally burning yourself out and putting yourself at further risk.  (Eg. In the dream, you slipped on the banks many times, and even after you released those fish, that is when you fell under water and had difficulty getting back up.  The snake then came to scare you before you finally got out of the water.  It was quite difficult for you to get out of the water in your dream.  This might indicate that it is becoming more and more difficult to remove yourself emotionally from the situation.  

You really need to seriously think about taking a break very soon.  Think of it this way, you will not be able to help those around you as much, if you are not feeling on top of things yourself.   Just a bit of organising is all it will take, a few phone calls and you'll be free to recouperate.  You might even want to think about slowing down for the long term and taking more time out for yourself on a regular basis?  

Well hope this was helpful for you.  Let me know if you have any other questions or comments.  I would be only too happy to help.

And take it easy!!!!

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