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I am Tien,a fifth grade enrichment student.  I am writing to find out a few questions for my school project.  First, what do dreams mean?  Why do we dream?  Why did ancient Egyptians believe that dreams of death signified a long life (the opposite of what you would think)?  Finally, what if dreams didn't exist?  What do you think would happen?

Thank you for your time.


Hello Tien!  Thanks for your question.  And may I ask, what is a fifth grade enrichment student???  Also, when you source this answer, you can acknowledge the allexperts website and quote the web url that the answer appears on.  

I will answer your questions as if they are my own opinions.  Other experts and wikipeadia might have a more scientic answer if you know what I mean!

Well every dream has a different meaning.  In my opinion, each dream is a metaphor for what is going on in the dreamer's life and how they feel about those things.  sometimes our feelings can get buried in our waking life.  At times, we get confused (for example, by what other people say) and so our true feelings and needs are difficult to pin down.   A dream will reflect the truth about what we think and feel about our life, and so can provide clarity.  Answers to our life problems can then become clearer.  

Why did ancient Egyptians believe that dreams of death signified a long life

You may be better off asking an Egyptologist this question.  To be honest, I am not that familiar with my Egyptian history.  However, I imagine it was to reassure the dreamer that they weren't going to die!!!  Some cultures still hold the "opposite to the dream is true" view.  I personally don't interpret dreams that way.  However, I do know that your cultural background does affect the way you dream.  

Well that is a very interesting question!  My first impulsive thought was that life would be rather boring without dreams!  Lol.  I also think that life would lose its magic.  There are so many mysterious things about dreams that cannot be explained.  Like how do people dream about future events?  How can two people have the same dream on the same night?  Some people are given important information during dreams that they couldn't possibly have known beforehand

I also think that without dreams, people would have a lot more difficulty dealing with impulsive emotions.  More often than not, a dream will point to some imbalance in our lives.  They will highlight the fact that we are stressed, through nightmares for instance, in an attempt by our dreamself to give us a wake up call that something is not right.  Dreams also help us to come to terms with the world around us.  I think that if dreams did'nt exist, people would have more problems with emotions and there would be less connectivity between people as they would struggle to understand one another.

Well those are my thoughts on your questions.  Good luck with your school project!

Ps: sorry for taking so long to answer your question. I took on a few too many questions this week!

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