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Hello. I am Logan, 10 years old. I have a few questions for a project I am doing at school. First, what would happen if dreams never existed and people would have no inspiration from dreams? Would some things not be invented? Would people have better grades in school? Would there be less jobs for people to work at?

Next, what are dreams? Are they just what you think about, but more realistic because your eyes are closed? Or are they actually just the same as daydreams but only when you are sleeping? Or are they figments of your imagination?

Thank you for your time!


Dear Logan,

I applaud you for undertaking such a labourious  and worthwhile endeavor. The questions you ask have strained upon the reasoning of the noblest minds of every age, clime, and generation.

In completing your school project, it might better serve you to limit your research to the published works of more academically recognized researchers in this field.

Beyond this, I encourage you to continue to embrace this spirit of curiosity which feeds your search for answers. Please be aware, my young friend, that clarity in such inquiries is elusive, and each discovery oft reveals a mystery deeper yet. Remain undaunted, and seek; for if you retain the courage of youth, it will ever attend your purpose.

Rejoice, Young Friend, in Youth,


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